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Anne Wayman, Freelance Writer CoachHey, wouldn’t you like to have my help finding solutions for freelance writer business problems? To figure out how to really, finally, treat your writing like a business?

I can hear you now, saying something like:

But I’m a writer, not a business person!

Believe me, I understand!

I understand because I too am a writer first and only became a business person to support my writing habit and me.

And here’s a truth: Nine times out of ten when you find solutions to your freelance writer business problems, you make more money.

So join me in this series of articles specially written to help you make the transition to running your writing business well, without giving up any of your creativity.

In fact, as your business acumen increases you’ll probably find you not only have more money, but you actually have more time – time to write, and that very necessary time to stare out the window or take a trip or both… Time to re-create yourself.

Just fill out the form below, and soon you’ll start getting this very special series which will help you add ‘business person’ to your writing credentials. (Yep, you can even write about business if you want.)

Write well and often,

Anne Wayman freelance writer
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