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Should I Publish My Ebook Here?

Ask Anne The Pro WriterHi Anne, I bought your YOU Can Make Money Writing Ebooks over a year ago, and despite finding it inspiring I still haven’t got around to writing the ebook.

I came across this last week and thought it might be a good way to get started – WyrdwoodPublications –  I would value your opinion as to whether this is a fair offer.

Thanks; also for this brilliant site.

Sharon in comments

Hi Sharon,

Glad you found the ebook on ebooks inspiring and you like the site.

Wyrdwood is an example of a highly targeted mostly ebook publisher. Their market is the Pagan/Heathen market which is a pretty specific group of people. Since they’ve been around since 2008 they’ve obviously gained some acceptance and if your ebook is in the genre, it might make sense. If your ebook is aimed at a different audience, then this is NOT where you want to be.

As near as I can tell they don’t charge you, but take a percentage – a full 65 percent of the cover price, leaving you only 35 percent. That’s actually not out of line since they are handling the marketing as well as the formatting.

I suspect they could make the tech requirements simpler, and you can convert your own book to a. pdf easily, right from print in the newer versions of Word.

And I also strongly suspect you will have to do a lot of marketing to sell many books. Checking Alexa shows low traffic and only two sites linking in at the moment (this post may make 3).

  • Before you sign up with them I’d do these things:
  • Contact at least two of their authors and ask about their experience.
  • Find a couple of Pagan-type forums and ask their if people buy books from them.
  • Check out lulu.com

It’s hard to beat a free offer, but be clear about your expectations.

Has anyone had any experience with Wyrdwoodpublications or have another ebook publisher to recommend?


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