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Jobs For Freelance Writers – Online Sources

I define a freelance writing job as one I can do in my pajamas at home, which is the criteria I used for this list. In the table below you’ll find the sources I find to be most productive – with some comments.

I also suggest you look at certain Craigslist postings which you can see here.

The freelance job market has become quite fragmented. I’ve avoided sites where you pay to get gigs.

It’s probably a good idea if you look at the category containing lots of links to articles about how to land a job. There are some tricks to the trade.

Updated July, 2018
Freelance and telecommuting jobs for writers – international Can be a good resource – jobs tend to come in batches.
JournalismJobs.com – Job Listings Good list – a fair number of real freelance gigs. Search on telecommute to filter
mediabistro.com Excellent list – some real freelance jobs. Try searching on telecommute and remote. Note the industries on the left – pick your favorite one, two or three, or just type remote in the search box and hit Enter.
Problogger Job Board Mostly blogging jobs. Worth checking.
Blogging Pro  Blogging gigs and copywriting work updated daily. 
The Write Jobs – Journalism, Media and Publishing Job Listings Rarely has freelance gigs but when she does, it’s worth the effort. Date job was posted is way at the bottom of the listing – but check it.
Freelance Writing Gigs / Jobs Several sections, some link to sites that ask you to pay for gigs.
Write Jobs Magazine markets, also contests – if used daily you’ll find duplication from other sources. Solid source of freelance writing gigs.
Ed – Formerly Whisper Jobs Worth checking – be sure you check the categories you’re interested in.

Have I left out your favorite source? Email me with Job Source in the
subject line so I don’t lose you to spam.

Write well and often,


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