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How to Break in and Earn Big as a Freelance Writer Webinar

Carol Tice of  Make A Living Writing and Anne Wayman are at it again and announce their next webinar,

How to Break in and Earn Big as a Freelance Writer

Tuesday, Feb. 8, 2011 – 1 pm PST/4 EST

And that’s not all – during this webinar sale you’ll also recive, absolutely free, the audio from 40 Ways To Market Your Writing, a $5.99 value PLUS the report from the 40 Ways To Market Your Writing.

Total for all this?  A mere $36.00! What are you waiting for, particularly since the price WILL GO UP Saturday – no exceptions! Register NOW!

We’ll tell you what we know – no small thing considering where each of us are in our careers.

We’ll answer your questions – email me or add them in comments.

This one you don’t want to miss! And you don’t have to get dressed, or leave home to attend. Unless, of course, you head for your favorite coffee shop!

Testimonials about Anne and Carols’ webinars include:

Excellent presentation, even for an experienced freelancer. Sometimes it helps to hear how people more successful than you are doing it or simply to reinforce that what you are doing is on the right track. ~ RD

This was an excellent presentation, in spite of the problems in the beginning. You two handled it beautifully. I learned so much and can’t wait to get started on some new techniques to market ME! Must get my website going. I’m 77 years old and this stuff. ~ BJ

Such great resources and ideas. Also, gave me confidence that my real world experience/knowledge really is applicable in the world of freelance writing as well. A confidence booster. My instincts are better than I probably imagined they were ~SJ

You can take advantage of this class and learn how to break in and earn big as a freelance writer at a special, discounted price of only $7.00!

That includes, for this sale only, the audio from 40 Ways To Market Your Writing (a $5.99 value) and the text report from that seminar.

In addition to the class you’ll get a text report from the class – you don’t even have to take notes plus access to the audio of the class.


Questions? Email me with Earn Big Webinar in the subject line.

Write well and often,

Anne Wayman

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