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How I Became a Writer Stories Series

how I became a writerAnnouncing – the How I Became a Writer Stories Series. Tell the story of how you became a freelance writer.

It might be how you came to specialize, or how you developed a new-to-you-niche or simply your way of sharing “How I Became a Writer.”

My goal is to share as many of these success stories, regardless of the size of the success. I want to demonstrate that becoming a writer is possible!

I’d like to publish one a week – and if I get more than that I’ll figure out how to publish them all.

The rules such as they are

No deadline, no pay.

Aim for something between 500 and 800 words unless there’s a really strong reason to vary.

Remember the goal of this site is to encourage writers and help them make more money. Include some tips about getting started if you can. Spelling and grammar count.

Link generously to your work if you want.

Include a brief bio and a pix please.

Send the piece to me at anne@annewayman.com with HOW I BECAME A WRITER in the subject line in all caps… gives a chance to spot it.

Thanking you in advance,

Write well and often,

Anne Wayman, freelance writer



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