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Guest Posts

GuestYes, I love having guest posts. Real ones that is.

If you want to to a guest post here at About Freelance Writing please look over the site. And please read this post:

Guest Posting – How To Piss Me Off!

If you’re writing for a client please, email me about the link you want to include in your post… and don’t be offended if I say no and offer to sell your client an ad.

And I won’t accept any post that endorses or links to essay sites – those that offer to do homework for folks.

Assuming I haven’t scared you off…

A guest post here works like this:

You submit an article on something, almost anything, about freelance writing. You don’t need to ask in advance, but you can if you’d like. If you do query, include the title and tell me you’re not going to use essay sights.

It should probably be between roughly 500-800 words.

It must be something that’s truly helpful to freelance writers.

If you want a much longer or shorter piece it’s possible, but let’s talk about it a bit in email.

You’re welcome to link back to your site in the body of the post or to other sites, but know that I recognize spam posts when I see them and will reject them out of hand.

Write a brief bio with your name, your website or blog (with its link)  and maybe the kind of writing you specialize in.

Attach a picture of you or point to one on your website – pictures aren’t required, but they are nice to have.

You can attach a word file or put the article in the body of the email – either works. If you’re using word, use a minimum of special formatting ’cause most of it won’t work in blog form. But tell me what it is in the body of the email.

If I plan to use it I’ll let you know although I usually won’t know when. When I do use your post I’ll email you the link. Any help with promo is appreciated. Know too that I cannot promise you when the post will appear.

If I don’t want to use your guest post I’ll just return it to you saying no thanks. I won’t make any comments beyond that. You can, of course, hire me to coach you in writing, which includes improving it and marketing it.

There’s no pay, but maybe a bit of glory. You will be talking to one of the most interesting and supportive audiences interested in freelance writing on the web. Your article will also go in Abundant Writing News, my 2x a week newsletter that goes to well over 4,000 folks who have chosen to receive it.

If you want to put a copyright notice on the article please do.

Now, this is really important: Put the words ‘guest post’ in the subject line of your email. If you don’t I’m likely to lose you to spam. If you don’t hear from me in a day or two figure you got eaten by my spam filter and send an email alerting me to the fact I’ve lost you. We’ll get it sorted out. You’ll find my email address on the contact page.

I naturally reserve the right to refuse a guest post and also to edit a guest post. If I do anything but minor edits I’ll let you know before publishing.

I’m looking forward to seeing and publishing what you write.

Please, skip any of these guidelines and your email and article will be deleted and I will not even tell you. You have no idea how many spam proposals and articles that have nothing to do with freelance writing come in over a month’s time. I want that time back! (Yes, I’m yelling!)

Write well and often,




Image: Attribution Some rights reserved by Alexander “Squid” Williams


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