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Getting Your Book Written With Vision and Spirit Video Class

The updated Getting Your Book Written Written With Vision & Spirit will be launching sometime in the next month or two months.

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Here is the revised schedule of lessons:

1. Intro 11. From Idea To Book – The Steps in Publishing
2. Vision Your Book – a nifty process 12. Book Proposal Or Completed Book? script
3. Defining Your Book’s Purpose 13. What About Agents? – script
4. Finding Your Ideal Reader 14. Write a Great Query Letter
5. Your Working Table of Contents 15. Know Your Rights – US include gnu – it’s all negotiable
6. Getting The Writing Done – 1 16. Trade Publishing and Self-Publishing Contrasted
7. Your ideal writing day / week 17. Where Do Ebooks Fit In All Of This?
8. Making Long Manuscripts Work 18. You’ve Got To Market Your Book
9. Getting The Writing Done – 2 19. Would a Ghostwriter help (what, how to hire, contract)
10. Rewriting and Editing 20. Would a Writing Coach help (what, how to hire, contract)


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