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Ebook Bundle – A Bit Of Craziness For You – A Bargain!

all six ebooks plus an audio, worth $61.95 if you bought them one by one, when you buy the bundle total only $35.00 – in other words, buythem all at $5.00 each when you buy them in this bundle. All recently updated too.Why such a low price? If Seth Goodin can bundle…

Buy the ebook bundle now!

You’ll get all of these for only $35.00:

Freelance Writing Job Search
  • Where To Search For Freelance Writing Jobs – with exactly the same 59 live links Anne used every day to present jobs to you.- on your desktop.
    Worth $9.95
60 Tips for Getting The Writing Done
  • 60 Tips for Getting The Writing Done – two months worth of tips that will help you get your
    writing started and completed.
    Valued at $9.95
How To Get Started In Profitable Freelance Writing Now!
  • How To Get Started In Profitable Freelance Writing Now!
    Even pros are likely to find a few things they need to know.
    Worth $9.95
How To Write A Book Proposal
  • How to Write a Non-Fiction Book Proposal that $ells! A complete guide to the non-fiction book
    proposal with real world examples. Used by many writers who have emailed me with thanks.
    Worth $9.95
You Can Make Money Writing ebooks
  • YOU Can Make Money Writing EbooksYes YOU can and this ebook tells you how to do it. Worth $9.95

Freelance Writer's Glossary
  • Freelance Writer’s Glossary – know the terms used in our industry. Valued at $5.95
40 Marketing Questions Answered
  • 40 Ways to Market Your Writing – The Audio – own and hear the recording of Anne Wayman and Carol Tice’s hugely successful webinar.
    Worth $5.95

Buy the ebook bundle now!

Write well and often,

Anne Wayman Writing Coach



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