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Make Money With Your Blog

Is your blog paying you? It should be!

Are you wondering if you should start a blog?

Do you wonder what you should write in your blog to make money?

Learn how to build targeted traffic for your blog and then how to turn those readers into income for you!

Anne Wayman (AboutFreelanceWriting.com) and Carol Tice (MakeALivingWriting.com)  present the:

Secrets of a Money-Making Blog

On Tuesday, April 12, 1 pm – 2 pm PST/4 EST for only $36

Look, we understand what it’s like to blog day after day, week after week and see little or even no money coming back.

We also know exactly what you need to do to bring visitors and earn some cash – serious cash.

We can point you in the direction of making your blog earn money for you in return for your efforts.

Can we guarantee you’ll get rich? Of course not!

We can promise, however, that when the hour is up you’ll have a clear idea of what you need to do to start earning money with your blog.

  • You’ll know the basics about advertising.
  • You’ll know learn about offering other people’s products and making money for yourself.
  • You’ll know discover how to offer your own products and services.

The Presenters

Meet  Anne Wayman and Carol Tice, the two highly successful bloggers putting on the Secrets of a Money Making Blog

I’m Anne Wayman and I got into blogging by accident when I was the freelance writing guide at About.com and they switched from web pages to a blogging format.  That experinece made it possible for me to be an early particpant with b5media, where some of the world’s best bloggers including Darren Rowse of ProBlogger.net got their start.

Now on my own I’ve been applying what I know here at AboutFreelanceWriting and over at my newest blogs, WhenGrandmotherSpeaks.com. Blogging has become a major component of my success as a freelance writer.

Here’s how Carol introduces herself:

I’m Carol Tice, longtime freelance writer and author of this-here Make a Living Writing blog. About last summer, I got serious about my blogging, and ramped it up to nearly 2,000 subscribers from fewer than 300. It now brings me a steady stream of new followers, buyers for my ebooks and other products, and quality copywriting prospects.

I’ve had many requests to share how I built this blog into a success. Though I’ve been successful as a freelance writer for a long time, the world of blogging and earning from your blog was brand new to me, and I had to learn it all from scratch! I made a lot of mistakes and wasted a lot of time before learning about techniques for monetizing my blog that worked.

In the Webinar, I’ll be sharing the story of what I learned about blog monetization and how I turned this blog from a hobby to a solid income earner.

Carol and Anne get raves like this when they do webinars:

“Such great resources and ideas. Also, gave me confidence that my real world experience/knowledge really is applicable in the world of freelance writing as well. A confidence booster.”–Sharie Orr

“Excellent presentation, even for an experienced freelancer. Sometimes it helps to hear how people more successful than you are are doing it…”–Rebecca Dienger, WM Freelance Writers Connection

Carol and Anne will teach you:

  • The (many) ways you can make money with your blog – without feeling like a used care salesman!
  • Effective ways to build qualified traffic without selling out.
  • How you can create and/or offer products and services your readers really want – and make sure your readers win too.

What’s included?

  • The opportunity to get your questions about making money blogging answered.
  • An ereport on exactly what was covered in the webinar – in .pdf format.
  • The recording of the whole webinar so you can review it – or be there virtually if you can’t make it in person.

What do you think?

Is a way to earn serious money doing what you love worth the price of a good lunch? Or, depending on where you live, dinner?

Amazingly that’s all it costs – just $36 for the whole megillah.

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