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Stop Pipes From Freezing, Marking Stainless, and Compression Socks – All In One Article!

water pipeIt’s Easy to Stop Pipes From Freezing

Is there anything worse than discovering your water pipes have frozen? The first problem is you can’t access water from frozen pipes. The second problem is the pipes may explode or at least spring leaks because the water expands as it gets colder and finally freezes. Not only does that create a watery mess, it damages floors and carpet and you also end up with large plumbing bills because you generally need to replace most if not all of the system.

Heatline Protective Systems offers a great pipe heat tape. Their Retro-Line is a safe, efficient and reliable system that offers internal pipe freeze protection. It can be used to protect new construction, existing water supply systems as well as sump pump systems without the need to excavate. It’s certified Drinking Water Safe and works with both metal piping and non-metal piping. Each system is supplied with the necessary plumbing components. The electrical setup at the factory is properly terminated, making your installation much easier.

How to Mark Stainless Steel

Stainless steel and its derivatives are strong materials fulfilling many needs in both industry and fashion. The metal is also used to make gifts, create fittings for boats and as all sorts of building materials. The very qualities that make it strong and durable are the same ones that make it resistant to marking for identification, and/or with beautifying engraving. The eCobalt machine – https://lasermarktech.com/products/ecobalt – is a desktop unit that allows you to permanently mark stainless with a powerful laser, safely, reliably and inexpensively.

The eColbalt is easy to use, impact free, creates high contrast marking using High Speed Galvo Steering and does so automatically. It’s safe, easy to set up and ideal for all your entry-level marking needs.

This compact unit arrives at your office or facility as a turn-key unit, ready to go to work for you almost at once. It  offers a100,000 hour laser lifetime. It comes with a one and two year warranty on Fiber Laser Engraver. You’ll have 27/7 support.

Great Compression Stockings  

Legion compression stockings and sleeves offer both healthy compression and the sense of a lovely boost in your energy level. Compression socks support your recovery from injury and/or strain of your foot and/or leg.

At Legion, you’ll find all sorts of compression stockings, from high tension, to more normal compression, to stockings that offer leg warmer and even pairs that have copper woven through their construction.

There are lots of styles as well, from a subdued black or grey perfect for the more formal office to the brightly multi-colored and even patterned stockings or sleeves ideal for more casual wear.

You’ll be impressed with the variety of compression strengths, enjoy special packages like the Airport Package and be impressed with their 58 different products.

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