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From Ice Roads, Through Barber Clipping and Trimming, to Drone Riding Cameras, the Right Tool is Key

ice roadsIt doesn’t matter if you’re a freelance writer, artist, construction worker or something else, having the right tool is a key ingredient to your success. What follows are brief descriptions of three wildly different tools. Each addresses a challenge in a specific way.

Making Ice Roads and Bridges

In the Great North, Northern Mat and Bridge – https://northernmat.ca/services/winter-road-construction/ – are true experts in providing winter access. They’ve been building roads, bridges, and providing mats for traction for over 19 years. Small wonder they know their stuff so well.

They’ve recently expanded their operations to include the construction of ice roads, and ice bridges. This extends their ability to help you get where you need to go even when the weather is at its coldest.

Of course proper equipment is crucial. Among their major tools are snowcats and snowmachines. The snowcats can not only move an amazing amount of snow out of the way, they can grasp materials like pipes and maneuver them to exactly where they’re needed. Snowmachines are the bedrock of building ice roads and bridges. The trick is to get the snow where you need it most and the right snow making machine lets Northern Mat and Bridge to exactly that.

Hair Clipping and Trimming At Its Finest

OmniCord provides quality barber trimmers to buy in a large variety of styles. For example, we offer transparent clippers in many colors, each with Ceramic Blades and no-slip grips. We also have a good selection of upgrade kits and power cords.

The OmniCord is not only good looking with its colorful transparent body, it takes up less space than many other clippers. Its smaller size, however, doesn’t mean less power. In fact, the OmniCord is adds more power. It too comes in a selection of colors as well as styles and lengths. With more power you’ll spend less of your own energy during a full day of trimming and clipping.  A one and two year product protection plan is also offered.

High Flying Camera Drones

I’d call it a flying camera; others know it as a drone with a camera. You’ll find the OmniView Tech Mavic-2Pro at: https://omniviewtech.ca/products/mavic-2-pro It shoots in beautifully in high resolution color while it avoids running into trees, buildings and what-have-you because of its obstacle sensors on all sides, protecting the drone, camera and whatever might get in its way.

It’s amazing the world you’ll enter with this magical seeming drone and camera. Imagine what you’ll see when you send it high over your location. Are you on a street? What’s on top of that building over there? In a meadow? What happens to your world view if you simply go straight up?

Your options include a Hassleblad riding securely on the Mavic-2Pro. Or a 28-48mm optical zoom onboard the Mavic 2 Zoom. There are plenty of accessories and excellent customer support. Order yours today.


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