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Of Writers, Dogs, Moving and Strange Codes

freelanceFreelance writers often need to handle the stuff of life. Dogs, moving and unknown codes are part of the freelance writing life. This may seem like a strange combination. It is, and it’s also an example of how a professional writer can make almost any three topics work together.

Dogs can be a real boon

Many freelance writers benefit from owning a dog or two. One of the biggest pluses of most dogs is, because they require walking once or twice a day, they get their writer-owner away from their computers, clients and keyboards out of the house and into fresh air on a regular basis. This not only helps the writer stay healthy because walking is such a great exercise, the break and activity can help spark needed creativity.

Many freelance writers who have worked with their dogs for some time recognize Healthy-Chews.com offers safe and delicious treats for their canine companions. They also know that the right kind of snacks for dogs can help with training and can be just plain fun. A play session with healthy chews creates bonding between dog and writer.

Moving house and home

Writers occasionally need to move. Packing up the writer’s office as well as their household goods isn’t easy, but is necessary when a move is called for.  If your move is down the street or around the world, moving is never truly easy, with or without a dog. MyBekins.com links you to easier moving with a company that knows just how stressful it can be and will use its experience to make your move, and your dog’s move, as easy as it’s likely to be. Their services range from full service, which includes packing and unpacking, storage and pretty much anything you might need to get to and settled in your new home. On the other hand, you can save considerable money by doing the packing yourself. The choice is yours.

Is it a typo or a code?

Moving or not, professional writers know they have to cast a careful eye for typos. Finding typos in our own work can be hard. Most of us have come to realize the built in spell-checker will help, but not as much as we might like. We also need to watch for things like complete sentences and accurate grammar.

A few of the tricks to help with accuracy include setting the work aside for a day or two, reading the work out loud slowly enough to really hear it, and/or using software like Grammarly to act as an additional check.

Writes also realize that some groups of letters that seem to be typos may not be. In this example the lowercase designation, psw, is a code; the link takes you to an employment site. Why is it like that? If it’s what the client wants, it almost doesn’t matter. The successful freelance writer works to make the client look good as well as following their wishes.

Write well and often,

Anne Wayman, freelance writer
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