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Why 4/40 Flash Coaching Works

4/40 flash coachingAs some of you know a month or so ago I began offering what I call 4/40 Flash Coaching. Up to  setting up this program all the coaching I’ve done, both writing and life coaching, has been in hour increments.

Frankly (there I go with more F sounds) I liked the sound. Alliteration can be fun and it can also be memorable. I was, after all, hoping to attract interest. It was an experiment. I didn’t know if people would be interested or not. Nor did I know how much work we could actually get done in a 40 minute session.

40 minutes is more time than I thought

It turns out 40 minutes is plenty of time to get some solid coaching done. Maybe it’s because with this package (4/40 flash coaching is 4 40 minute sessions for $100, price soon to go up) we take most of the first session to do a Visioning around the client chosen topic and decide exactly what we want to accomplish in the next three sessions. This provides a laser-like focus to our sessions, making it fairly easy to stay on topic. When we stay on topic we get an amazing amount done. There’s still time for the client to describe the problem and then the progress or lack of it so we can figure out what to do next. But we don’t get lost in the client’s story.

Forty minutes doesn’t interrupt the day

A forty minute session is 20 minutes short of an hour. Somehow it doesn’t seem to interrupt the day as much as a full hour of coaching can, for both me and the client. Those shorter sessions are easier for me to manage – to make sure the client stays on track. My clients tell me they like the shorter sessions, some because of the focus it requires and some because it leaves them with more time to do other stuff.

What we accomplish together

Although every person who works with me in 4/40 Flash Coaching is different and every session is different too, here a list of the four items I’m able to provide:

  1. Deep listening
  2. Re-framing of the problem
  3. Ask questions that are different the client asks themselves and often provide a new perspective.
  4. Provide a gentle accountability that allows celebration and reinvention

It’s also true that my wide and varied experience as a writer, a mother, a grandmother and an adventurous spirit means I’m able to bring many things to the table. That same experience has taught me that I don’t have any stock answers, or maybe any answers at all. Instead I am convinced you know, within if not consciously, the answers that are right for you. My job isn’t to fix you but to help you open things up so you see yourself more clearly which helps you take the right action for you.

What would 4o minutes a week focused on only you and your dreams and wishes improve for you. You can sign up for your own 4/40 flash coaching here: https://www.aboutfreelancewriting.com/2019/10/17/4-40-flash-coaching-for-writers/

You can also contact me with questions.

Write well and often,

Anne Wayman, freelance writer




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  • This entire post absolutely ROCKS! Thank you for all the hard work you put into it. It really shows.

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