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4 40 Flash Coaching for Writers and Other Creatives

4 40 flash coachingYikes, I published this before I’d finished the article – see, mistakes happen to us all. Here’s the whole post:

I’ve had a brand new, for me, idea. It’s called 4 40 Flash Coaching for Writers. It looks like this:

You’ll get four 40 minute sessions with me over the phone in one week intervals.

The first session we’ll do a Visioning. Together we’ll use the information we discovered and determine the content of the next three sessions.

Included in each session will be time for you to outline your problems and get some suggested solutions that we will work out together. I will gently hold you accountable by asking for your wins and misses.

Yes, you’ll have an assignment from each session, one that you create or we create together. Yes, we will check in at the start of every session to figure out what worked and what didn’t.

You’ll also have access to me via email while we’re working together. I’ll do my best to answer in 24 hours.

Sound like a good idea?

Just click the PayPal Link below. You should be able to enter your phone number on the payment form. If not, no worries, just email me your phone number and I’ll call you to schedule your sessions. You can use the same email to ask a question or two. You can also reach me through the Contact page here.


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