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Why Should They Hire You as a Writer?

hire meWhy should they hire you as a writer?

Do you know the answer to this question? You should. You need to know the skills and talents you bring as a writer that set you apart from other writers.

When you can answer why they should hire you you’ll find landing freelance writing gigs much easier than it is if you don’t.

Here’s why you need to know

You need to be able to articulate why a client you want should hire you because you are unique. You have a particular set of writing skills that are based on any number of things, including these four:

How well you write

This is a tough one until you’ve been selling your writing for awhile. Once you’ve got some writing sold and completed you have some sense of why a commercial client might want to hire you. But even if that hasn’t happened yet, you can develop a story about your writing that as long as it’s short and describes you and your writing accurately will help you begin to land clients.

What kinds of things you read

Yes, what you read is important to your writing. If a client knows you’re comfortable reading technical information they intuitively recognize that will show up well if you’re writing about tech. If you read novels, they may realize you’re used to reading about new things. If you read a lot of social media that might signal you’re a perfect writer for those who’ve grown up with it. If you read business books… sales material… how to write… you get the idea.

What kinds of things you’ve written

If you’re not yet published, don’t panic. Read my article, No writing clips? No problem! It not only explains what to do if you’ve only got a few or even no published writing to point to it also explains why clients and editors want clips.

If you got a list of writing credits, post them on your professional website. And if you don’t have a site get one. It really helps if you’re in the writing game. Clips help clients decide to hire you.

What kind of life you’ve led

This might be better stated the kind of work you’ve had, except that’s not the whole picture. I’m perfect to write about boats, recovering in 12 step groups, raising children, working in non-profits, becoming a Buddhist, working in politics, etc. etc. etc. I’m not so good doing corporate writing because I’ve spent so little time in that arena.

Life experience informs your writing so don’t hesitated to focus on the part of your life that is like to appeal to the employer. Just keep it brief and focus on how that will help you solve their problem. Once they think you can solve their problem they are very likely to hire you.

Write well and often,

Anne Wayman, freelance writer

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