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How I wrote and published 2080 blog posts

blog postsOMG! I just noticed that I have posted 2,080 blog posts – in fact this one makes it 2,081! (Assuming WordPress can count my posts accurately – I certainly haven’t tried to keep track.)

And that’s while I’m also ghostwriting books, writing about politics and election integrity, experimenting with gathas, writing blog posts for others. As well as living my life.

I’m quite impressed!

The secret of 2,000 + blog posts

The secret of writing that many blog posts isn’t really a secret. Writers like me who give other writers and would-be writers would mostly say the same thing:

You’ve absolutely got to put the words down on paper or on screen.

And you’ve got to do it regularly.

Some would tell you you have to write daily… I don’t believe writing daily is necessary to succeed as a writer. You do have to write often and it seems to help if you write on some sort of schedule that can become a habit.

In my case I started a long time ago

I actually started this blog some 12 or 13 years ago.

But remember, I started with the very first blog post. That first post was called Yes, This Is About Freelance Writing.Com. Why I put spaces in the domain name is a mystery, but that was back in 2008 and I probably didn’t know any better – in fact, there was very little understanding about best practices for blog posts back then. And yes, this blog morphed first from About.com, nee MiningCo and a network called b5.

If you’re starting today and you write regularly, whatever that means to you, in a month or two you’ll have a few posts up and in a year many more. Just keep writing.

When you think you can’t write about the topic any more…

If you keep writing there will come a time when you think you’ve written everything that can be written about your topic. You may be right, or close to it. That doesn’t mean you need to stop posting on your blog.

Keep in mind that no one is going to read every single one of your posts. Some of those who’ve been reading you a long time will drop off and new ones will arrive all the time. When I feel I have nothing more to say about making money as a freelance writer I double check Google analytics for my most popular posts. (You do need some way to find out what’s popular and Google does a good job. It’s free and worth learning.)

It’s usually not difficult to reframe or reshape a popular article into a whole new piece.

So don’t be too impressed with my number – you can get there too by writing one post at a time, time after time.

Write well and often,

Anne Wayman, freelance writer



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