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You Can Write on Any Topic – 3 Ways to Convince Potential Customers

write on any topicYou’re a writer so of course you can write on any topic!

Okay, maybe like me, you can’t do credible academic writing on rocket science, but on the whole you truly can if not write on any topic, write on most.


Because you know how to do research and how to translate difficult topics into understandable English for the average reader. And you read a lot about a whole bunch of things. You’re curious and you enjoy learning. You were either taught to think clearly or figured it out for yourself.

Clients may doubt you can write about any topic – particularly theirs

This morning we had a discussion in our forum about how often clients insist you have experience writing about their particular product or process. Many who hire writers don’t understand that a good writer can learn about what the clients wants you to write about quickly and that in fact you actually can write about any topic, including theirs.

The trick is to convince them you can handle the assignment even if you’ve never written on that specific topic before.

3 Ways you can convince potential customers

Here are three ways or approaches that will help you convince at least some of the doubters that you can write well for them regardless.

1 – Explain your approach

Sometimes simply explaining your approach – how you’d do the research for example – will be enough to reassure them. You might, for example, show them how Googling can bring up plenty of information about their topic for you.

2 – Show them something similar

Chances are you’ve written something on a similar topic, or in a way that shows you can do what you want. Dig some samples out and show them how the same approach would work for them.

3 – Offer to do a no-cost sample

I save this approach for pitching a gig I really want. I’ll offer to do a no-cost sample for them – maybe a page or two – so they can judge for themselves if I really can write on any topic. I always have to do some research to make this work, so I keep my sample small since I know even this won’t convince everyone. In other words I limit my non-paid investment. It seems to me this works close to half the time, but in all honesty I haven’t tracked it.

Of course, you won’t convince everyone. One truth about writing is you could have all the experience in a potential client’s area of expertise in the world and you still wouldn’t get the gig. Exactly how any particular client decides to hire you or not is also a mystery.

Write well and often,

Anne Wayman, freelance writer


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  • Sue Chehrenegar

    I once got a job writing a weekly blog post for a publication that targets members of the marine catering industry. I was told that I could write about anything. Then, when I submitted my first blog post, I was told that it would not be of interest to the readers. Finally, I used some information on the best foods for someone with prostate cancer, and that was the topic for my first blog post.

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