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My Experience with the Law of Attraction and Freelance Writing

law of attractionIt seems there’s more going on in life than is readily apparent and the so-called Law of Attraction is apparently one way to access some of it. Of course, the idea that we humans can tap into something beyond our ordinary selves is ancient, and so is the idea that we can ‘manifest’ or create what we want.

I’m far from an expert. What I want to talk about is how some of the thinking there has made life more fun and productive.

Abraham-Hicks, who have roughly a gillion videos on YouTube is where I started. Esther Hicks talks about moving toward what feels good. The idea is the better we feel about ourselves and our lives the more effective we’ll be. I’ve turned that into moving into gratitude. When I’m down, or angry or whatever unhappy, when I remember what I’m grateful for I start feeling better pretty quickly. In general when I feel better I write better and market better, etc. etc. etc.

There’s some real science behind Law of Attraction

Dr. Joe Dispenza, who also has a big presence on YouTube, has done a lot of solid research into this particular brain/mind/body connection. He’s also with his team conducted an amazing number of brain scans of people in his seminars which indicated we have much more influence on our body than we are traditionally taught.

I read You Are the Placebo: Making Your Mind Matter the first time several years ago, and just finished rereading it. I’m glad I did. I’m now reading his newer Becoming Supernatural: How Common People Are Doing the Uncommon. I’m fascinated and have come to think of him as a mystic and a scienctist.

Agnes Vivarelli is another favorite of mine and in fact she interviewed me recently – I’ll be posting that soon.

Two major results for me

There have been two major results for me from all ths Law of Attraction stuff . One is that I’ve come to like, even love myself more – aka increased self-worth. The other is I’ve discovered when I’m I get emotionally funky, getting back to gratitude reconnects me with what I often call my inner Self.

Either of those makes it easier for me to write, combined I find I’m more willing to market as well as keep the house tidy.

No, I haven’t made a million bucks, nor am I soon to be married to the love of my dreams. Yes, those are manifestations many people work toward. What I have noticed is I’m kinder to myself and enjoy life more. It seems like that has a positive effect on my writing. It feels like I’m writing closer to the bone more easily and more often.

Come to think about it, I might even call that magic.

I don’t know of Law of Attraction will work for you… it might. Am I recommending it? Sort of I guess.

Let me know what you think,

Write well and often,

Anne Wayman, freelance writer



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  • I have a lot of things going on that should be bringing me down. I’ve had some moments of that but overall I’m in a good place. It’s because I know the path of the Law of Attraction; what you think about you bring about. I work on finding the good in things rather than the bad. Overall I’m more happy than sad; it’s not even close, and that’s a good thing. I’m also working on manifesting my mind towards business opportunities (I’m self employed) and last week out of the blue I got 3 contacts… one of which looks really good.

    Of course one has to take action for all of it to work properly, but feeling good about oneself and their situation helps immensely.
    Mitch Mitchell recently posted..Why Don’t More People Comment On Blogs?My Profile

  • Hello Anne,
    I have read the book you mentioned Becoming Supernatural. It is very nice book for tranforming ourselves and bringing a change. We just need to train our mind to act supernatural for that proper guidance is also required.

  • Great post Anne I’ve definitely found the same. When I’m more in tune with my “feeling good” factor, I’m less likely to spiral down the frustration and writing block path. If I get “stuck” writing, I’m more able to let go of the need and come back to it later when I’m in a better state of mind.
    Tim Halloran recently posted..Creative Visualisation Shakti Gawain PDFMy Profile

  • Hi Anne,
    I like this post, mostly because I tend to live by those guidelines. I try to stay positive no matter what and it usually works. The funny thing is that when I’m happy I feel better physically so I guess the mind and body connection really exists, or maybe it’s just in my head… lol
    William recently posted..1 Minute Weight Loss ReviewMy Profile

    • William, I love it when folks agree with me… and for me it doesn’t matter if it’s ‘only’ in my head… that’s where my brain is and where all changes start.

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