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Take a Break if You’re Injured!

injuredLast week I injured myself. I was fixing lunch and when I was cutting an avocado open with a newly sharpened knife I sliced the forefinger on my left hand. (I thought sharp knives were safer than dull ones!)

Since my finger was curled the cut was a deep U shape along the outside of the first knuckle.

I was supposed to have coffee with a friend. After I stopped the bleeding, got the rather ugly cut taped up, I sent a text telling my friend I was injured and asking if he would take me to urgent care. I then ate my lunch – and the avocado was perfect, because I was hungry and I figured it would take awhile to get this handled.

Four hours and five stitches later he brought me back home. Even though the whole experience went easily enough, and I was treated well and felt well cared for I was trashed when I got home.

The next morning I had no energy. I wasn’t in pain, but I felt like I should do very little but sleep. Another friend who has had several deep hand cuts over time assured me the injury was a real shock to the body and I should just take it easy. Turns out he was right and I appreciated his advice.

Self-care can mean a lot of things

We talk a lot about self-care. Often we mean things like eating well and getting enough rest and exercise. We may give a nod to sleeping more when we have a cold or taking time to deal with something like a migraine. If you’re at all like me I hadn’t given much thought to being injured. Nor had I known a cut that required five stitches could be such a shock. But it was.

injured handThe way I was injured and the result made me grateful I’m a freelancer. My hunch is it just doesn’t look like an injury that would require more than an hour or so off from a corporate schedule. I suppose I could have pushed through and I’m grateful I didn’t have to.

Plus as I got back to work I’ve had to learn how to type with nine fingers. Both hands got stiff at first and I still don’t feel like I’ve mastered the skill.

Not all roses and champagne

Fortunately my income is such that I can handle a week with mostly not working, and another week where I’m working slowly. It wasn’t always this way. When you realize we don’t get paid sick days or disability without costly insurance, you may want to think about increasing your savings.

I’ll have the stitches out next week and hopefully won’t need the finger brace beyond that. I suspect my finger will want some babying, but not for long.

Write well and often and take care of yourself.

Anne Wayman, freelance writer




Photo by Nick Moore on Unsplash

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  • Maybe we’ve started something!

  • Laurence, you’re right. It shouldn’t be that bad and 8 hours is awful. Heck, I’m going to do a post on how I stay healthy… right now… take care of yourself.

  • Good for you… in my experience I can always shift my mood and therefore my experience.

  • Glad you liked it. Good luck with your health. Let me know if you want to write about writing when you have health issues.

  • I have numerous serious health challenges.
    The simple explanation is that I had to go and see a medical specialist.
    It is really a great post 🙂

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  • Lieo, for some of us marketing is hard. Why do you say it’s a false notion?

  • i was starting at the computer screen growing. someone on social media was talking about how incredibly hard marketing is.please, can we stop spreading the false notion that marketing is hard?
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  • Laurence, you’re right. It shouldn’t be that bad and 8 hours is awful. Heck, I’m going to do a post on how I stay healthy… right now… take care of yourself.

  • Sharp = danger. I’m glad you got it attended to. I totally agree with you when you say small “events” can be quite traumatic. I have numerous serious health challenges (not problems).
    Yesterday I had a ridiculous day. The simple explanation is that I had to go and see a medical specialist and have 3 vaccinations. Sound easy?

    Now to fill in the blanks.
    I had to get a taxi to the train station, then spend 2 hours on the train, then a friend picked me up and took me to the hospital. It turned out I had to go to the 3rd floor for the specialist, then ground floor to get the vaccinations from pharmacy. then to immunisation next door and then a short wait. Finally it was all done and so we went to the massive cafeteria. Never seen one that big in a hospital. We enjoyed lunch and then off to the station where I boarded the train 3.5 hours after getting off. 2 hours on the train, then a short taxi trip home.

    I walked in the door here and literally collapsed on the floor. I could barely breathe and was very shaky. 8 hours away from home and quite a bit of walking, which I can’t handle, and I was traumatised, wrecked, whatever you want to call it.

    I got changed, made a cuppa, sat down in my recliner to watch TV….and woke about 4 hours later.
    Sorry for rambling but you have given a “small” traumatic example and I gave a long one, and yet yours was every bit as serious as mine. I know age is a factor but it shouldn’t have to be this bad.
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  • Sending healing beams and self-care beams…

  • Oh Anne, I’m sorry you cut yourself! My husband did that the very first time he used our brand-new knives. Right to the bone. Glad you’re mending, and I hope you made good use of Voice-to-text apps.
    Self-care: boy, could I use a dose of that right now. I’m reeling a bit from a decrease in thyroid meds, and it usually takes a few weeks to level off. It may be the source of my feeling my work just isn’t working. I know I do good work, but it’s all pretty much the same, so time to switch things up a bit.

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