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Potential Freelance Writing Client Responds After 2 Years!

client responds“A potential client responds after I sent out Letters of Introduction two years ago!” a member of our forum lamented. “Can you believe it?”

She wanted to know how to reply or if she should even take such a tardy response seriously.

Although several advised caution, I encouraged her to take it seriously, respond in a general and interested way and move on, until she was offered a contract. This is of course, my usual reaction when a client expresses interest. Treat them well and keep on marketing.

The only thing that might have made this case different was it took the person who had received the Letter of Introduction or LOI.

I learned the attitude of treating every contact with respect and as if they might buy back in the days when I was selling real estate – actually acreage with homes in San Diego County. We used to advertise in both the Los Angeles Times and the Wall Street Journal. We often wrote what today might be called info ads – stories about a property or two that waxed lyrical about living in the country, etc. It seemed like once or twice a year someone would appear and gently fish out of his wallet a yellowed strip of newspaper. They’d not only seen our ad some years ago, but had taken time to clip it out and carry it around for all that time. Many of those folks eventually became customers of ours.

Any time a client responds means your marketing is working

Sure we wanted to sell the real estate the same week we advertised, just like as a writer you want an immediate client response to your marketing. And sometimes you’ll get it, or at least close enough to your marketing that you at remember the piece that drew them in.

But when a client responds it’s golden, even if it took them multiple years to get it together. If or perhaps when it happens to you, enjoy it. They may actually turn out to be a good client.

Write well and often,

Anne Wayman, freelance writer


Photo by Karine Germain on Unsplash

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