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Benefits of Getting into Technical Writing

technical writingTo break into technical writing and be a successful technical writer, it is important to mentally transition into being prepared for the journey.

Are you an introvert? Do you prefer to be the only writer in a company? Do you enjoy interviewing people? If you said ‘yes’ to all of these questions, continue to read more about the benefits of a technical writing career.

Technical Writing Jobs are Abundant

In the United States, most technology start-ups and reputable organizations need tech writers. A few examples include Microsoft, Google, Twitter, IBM, the United States Government of municipalities. Technical writing is a necessity in health care, real estate, engineering, construction, manufacturing, technology, oil, and gas, etc. If you have a skill for marketing writing services, finding a recruitment agency can help you find long term opportunities.

Daily Responsibilities are Always Changing

A day in the life of a technical writer is never the same. On one day, we spend a full day in stakeholder meetings to gather important information. The next day can be spent writing multiple documents at the same time. On the third day, we can travel on site to see the technical aspects of the subject matter to have a thorough understanding of the project. Furthermore, the job requires minimal supervision because, at times, organizations expect these writers to manage a project with the help of a busy project manager.

Contract Work or Full-time Work

Technical writers can start a life-changing journey by contracting, which offers an opportunity to work for some of the top organizations most people will not work. On the contrary, an individual that is seeking security such as benefits, and paid vacation can benefit from being a fulltime technical writer. As with any other line of work, contractors receive higher pay and can ask for rates that typically do not exist for fulltime employees.

Transition into a New Role

Technical writers can transition to becoming a Business Analyst, Project Manager, or IT professional. These positions require a skill for comprehending and writing complex technical topics. If you are an engineer, Systems analyst or enterprise architect, transitioning into technical writing can be done with minimal effort or additional education.

Technical Writers are Respected

A technical writer that can manage multiple projects, produce error-free content, and work effectively with difficult colleagues with a positive attitude is an organization dream come true. A part of the reason technical writers are treated with respect is it requires patience and the ability to receive constructive criticism from multiple people in a company other than a project manager. This job requires an individual with thick skin and an open mind to continue learning.

How to find technical writing jobs

Technical writer jobs are available on websites that include Indeed, FreelanceMyWay, Glassdoor, and Media Bistro. If you decide to freelance, design a website and business cards to self represent your services locally.

Final Thoughts

The next time you are thinking about starting a new writing career, consider the idea of becoming a technical writer. You can work remotely from home, land a gig with an internationally known company, or interact with executives to complete projects. A career in this role is abundant in North America, and in most cases, you will be the only tech writer at a company. It is a perfect job for introverts or technical professionals with a desire to transition into a less intense career.

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  • Claudia Previn

    A dear friend of mine, now retired, was a tech writer for 30 years and advised me it would be a worthy direction to pursue, even though I’ve chiefly worked as a technical editor, not writer. We talked quite a while about what it’s like and I’m definitely considering this direction.

    • Nice to hear, Claudia… a lot of difference between writing and editing as you well know.

  • Sue Chehrenegar

    If you have become skilled at technical writing, you should not feel overwhelmed, when you must complete a grant application.

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