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Issues Freelance Writers Are Sure To Endure And How To Overcome These Obstacles

Eobstaclesven with the obstacles, the life of a freelance writer is full of freedom as you can work from nearly anywhere in the world. For this reason it is one of the most coveted positions a person can have especially if they find the right clients. Writing for clients allows the freelancer to learn about topics that otherwise they would have never researched.

Being a freelancer does come with obstacles that most people might not think of. The benefits of working at a traditional job like receiving health benefits but rather having to pay the high premiums is one example. The other larger issue is during the beginning of your freelance writing career it can be difficult to predict monthly income. Setting a budget is far more difficult for your personal life if you are unsure of how much money will be coming in. The following are obstacles that most freelance writers encounter as well as how to overcome these things or eliminate the problem completely.

Productivity Is Low

It can be difficult to remain productive if you don’t have a decent work environment. Because of this, you should do your best to create a dedicated space in your household where you keep your office supplies. This doesn’t have to be a full home office; it can be a space in the corner of your kitchen or bedroom.

Furthermore, with so much freedom, setting an agenda is crucial to your success. Without a real management team overlooking your every move, you have to be responsible for yourself and your deadlines. Time tracking software can make it far easier to gauge how much work you can actually do rather than how much you think you can do. This can also help you organize your day as you might complete certain tasks far faster in the morning versus late in the afternoon. You can also use project management software and task management apps to manage your daily operations.

Client Refusing To Pay

A client refusing to pay is incredibly frustrating and can be tough to deal with if you do not want to lose the client after they pay. There will be certain payments that could be late due to holidays or someone being on vacation. These are not the ones to push on but rather push on the ones that are late without excuse and communication has dropped off.

If a client refuses to pay then uses content you wrote for them make sure you search for this content. Sending a Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) notice to a website that’s published the content is a good step to take, as the client will understand they have not yet paid for the content you have written. A DMCA takedown notice can help prevent your work from being used without pay and without permission. For the most part, clients that are difficult to receive payment from should be dropped as you do not want to chase clients around for money that it rightfully yours.

What can be worse that a client refusing to pay is a client that was happy with the work but now wants a refund. The unfortunate truth is that some companies think that they can take advantage of a freelancer due to them most likely not having legal representation on retainer. Forming an LLC can help protect you as it keeps your personal assets off limits in the case of a client suing you. Before you begin an contract, be sure to have a written agreement that clearly outlines the terms of your work. Keep in mind, no one who writes for this site is a lawyer and you should consult with one–an LLC is expensive and you need to be sure it will work for you.

Trouble Finding New Clients

Trouble finding new clients is one of the major obstacles in the life of a freelancer. It’s important to use your professional network. Plenty of people in the freelance writing community have worked at a digital marketing company at some point so leverage these contacts. Digital marketing companies are always looking for great writers that they can rely on in case of a rush project needing to be done. LinkedIn is a great platform to reach out to those that you have previously worked with to see if they can give you an introduction to someone at their company.

Isolation is another one of the obstacles

The day of a freelance writer is usually not spent interacting with people constantly but rather managing clients and writing. Freelance writing can be lonely which makes it imperative to change up your working routine whether you work at a coffee shop or another place with reliable Wi-Fi. The advantage of working from home is that you can even do lunch with a friend or your significant other to help break the day up. Freelance writers often have other friends that they can go work with if they need some company. Even if you do not speak much having another person working with you is comforting and it is always nice to have a second pair of eyes that can help you edit completed work.

Freelance writers have to be resilient as things do not always go as planned. The way we react to those issues is what will make you a success or a failure leading you to go back to a traditional job.


Samantha Cortez: Samantha writes for the Careers section. She has held previous internships at 20/20 magazine, Marie Claire, the NY Daily News, and Parenting magazine. She is also a contributor for ReviewFix.com. [Sponsored post]

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  • Some freelance sites such as Fiverr, People Per Hour and Freelancer have a payment system in place that freezes the amount owed by the customer until the client is satisfied. This ensures that the client has the money because he or she has to pay in advance. The customer also has the right to request revisions on the work before paying. This system is great for both parties, although these freelancing sites secure your transactions they do take a commission off of every transaction.
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