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What do you want from your writing now?

what do you want from your writing nowIf you’ve been writing for any length of time it’s time for you to think about what  you want from your writing now.

That’s because as the pre-Socratic Greek Heraclitus is reputed to say, “change is the only constant.” (Personally I suspect he got that idea from someone else. There really isn’t much, if anything, that’s truly original – a topic for another time.)

Simply wanted to be paid

If you’re at all like me, when you first started writing all you wished for is to be paid as a writer. And after devouring Writers Market for years, and sending out at least a small bale of queries, (what’s the cyber equivalent of a bale?) it finally happened.  My first writing sale was a booklet for Hazelden about how to have fun after you sobered up, and it’s still in print and I still get tiny royalties every quarter.

What do you want from your writing now?

After awhile I began to sense a vague discontent with my chosen career.  When I got honest I realized I was mostly bored. I’d written the same sort of articles over and over again. Sure they had different takes, and sometimes truly new-to-me ideas, but I felt stagnation creeping in.

And although by that time I was able to support myself, my income had also stagnated. I wasn’t exactly unhappy, but I wanted more. Mostly, I didn’t want to be bored.

I got honest with myself

My first step was being willing to admit I was bored even though life was pretty good. I had somehow thought writing and being a writer would always be interesting. Although it often, maybe even usually is, there are patches that have my nose sinking into my keyboard at regular intervals.

So I began to reinvent myself as a writer.

What I wanted

Looking back, I asked myself “What do you want from your writing now?” There were several things. Probably the most obvious at that point was I wanted more money. I upped my rates and began to investigate the Law of Attraction. I found I had  been seriously underselling myself, and began to inch my rates up.

I also wanted my writing to have more significance. At first I didn’t know what I meant by this, I just knew that many of the things people were paying me to write about didn’t interest me. I paid more attention to what I liked to read in addition to mysteries for escape. I realized I’d been working to develop spiritually – which for me started with the new thought movement and has evolved into Buddhism.

I realized there were lots of people like me who wanted to write successfully and that I had learned some things along the way, so I started writing about writing.

I don’t know how many shifts in my writing I’ve made over time – lots of them.

Paying attention to that feeling of vagueness has led me in all sorts of delightful directions, directions I wouldn’t miss for anything. When I think about the gifts I’ve gotten from writing, a great big one has been and continues to be the freedom to explore.

Curious about what you might find if you asked yourself what you want from your writing? You can explore it yourself or you can join me as I lead a 90-day Mastermind group on that very topic. Sign up for the no-obligation interest list now, and if you decide to join us you’ll receive a significant discount.

Write well and often,

Anne Wayman, freelance writer

Photo by Doug Kelley on Unsplash


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