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SEO Tips for Freelance Writers to Make You Stand Out

seo tipsIn today’s competitive environment, one cannot be just a writer, especially when writing content for websites.

Even though I have an SEO team that helps to optimize my content for Google and publishes it, I do try to proactively make everything I write SEO friendly.

Writing an awesome blog isn’t enough nowadays; your awesomeness won’t be discovered if the material doesn’t rank well on and people cannot discover it via organic search. Here are 5 useful tips that each aspiring freelance writer should use to improve their content from the SEO perspective.

  1. Start Your Blog Title With Your Primary Keyword

Seems logical but you will often see writers use words in the title that don’t directly correspond to the topic at hand. If you really want to optimize it put the main keywords in Google and hit search. You will quickly discover what other sites are using in terms of the title to rank for the topic you are writing. Use these results to craft your own title for the blog post.

  1. Leverage The Power of H2 Tags

You may not know what H2 tag is but as a writer you have done outlines where you broke down your content in sections. The main sections of a bigger article are broken down and separated by H2 tags. Again, be creative there with the naming. One or two words section names often won’t provide any context to the search engines. A poor example is “Betting Steps” and a really great example is “How To Place Bets – Step By Step Guide”.

  1. Mention Your Targeted Primary Keyword Naturally

Forget keyword stuffing or having a certain keyword density in your content. These things do not work anymore. Search engines are getting smarter and smarter each day and are able to read your content at a pretty high level of understanding. Place your main keyword naturally where it makes sense and it’s not forced. An excellent trick which will make you stand out from other writers is to start your first paragraph with your primary keyword in the first sentence as seen in this example. (March Madness Betting is the main keyword).

  1. Don’t Forget About LSI Keywords

Latent Semantic Indexing keywords are keywords that are semantically related to your primary keyword. Contrary to popular belief, they are not just synonym or keywords that are similar in meaning. These keywords are keywords that are contextually related to your primary keyword. Sprinkle them in your content and it will help it rank higher.

(Note: LSI Keywords were new to me too – Google it for a ton of information – aw)

  1. Make Sure Your URLs are user-friendly

If you are writing for a client then she/he may take care of it but being proactive and helping with the URL for your content will get you a few brownie points for sure. To drive my point, let’s see a URL that isn’t user-friendly: xzy.com/2019/02/10/good-news-on-vacation/ vs. one that is: https://www.safestbettingsites.com/esports-betting. You may ask what is the difference here?

The difference, user-friendliness, comes from the ease of remembering the site’s address. Just imagine you want to go back to an article you have seen on a particular site but what if you don’t remember the date as in the first example? Little things like this make a big difference in how your content is discovered.

These are only 5 tips for aspiring writers. There is more on the internet that is worth looking up and applying in the content you write. As I have mentioned above the market is quite competitive and to stand out one needs to provide more value than just great written content.


Joseph FalchettiJoseph Falchetti is the author of the blog, most picks, and the majority of content on Safest Betting Sites. Joe has an extensive background as a writer and gambler of all types. He was a professional poker player and sports bettor for eight years until he decided to make the switch to writing sports gambling content, especially about American football betting, after the Black Friday seizures against PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker in April 2011. He has been mentioned in Forbes as a betting analyst and his articles have been linked by several top publications such as the New York Times.

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  • Try googling “LSI keywords” and see what you come up with. Bet you find what you’re looking for, or close.

  • Can you tell me if there are any tools that can find “LSI Keywords”?

  • You’re more than welcome.

  • Very informative post. I was literally not aware that h2 tags were so important in SEO. Thanks for sharing this!

  • Ghanshyam, I’m surprised you have problems with finding freelancers who can do SEO and write great articles. Let me be rude and ask you if you’re offering enough money to attract someone who really knows both?

  • Great Post Joseph,

    This is the biggest problem when hiring freelance writers, they are great at writing and writes great articles. But if it’s not SEO friendly it won’t rank and end of the day no one will read that. We always look if a freelancer can write SEO friendly content or not, Hope the post will help them.
    Ghanshyam Rao recently posted..10 Reasons Why You Need To Outsource SEO ServicesMy Profile

  • Glad it was helpful, Nick.

  • Interesting article from Joseph, enjoying the points about H2 Tags and using the primary keyword at the start of the blog.

    These are two points i will take into account! Glad i have book marked your blog, a variety of useful content!
    Nick recently posted..Best Amazon FBA Reddit CommunitiesMy Profile

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