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One Writer’s Pet Peeves About Freelance Writing

pet peevesI have a few pet peeves about freelance writing and the tools I use to get the writing done. I’ll bet you do too.

Oh, I love my work. Freelance writing and coaching are two of the best gigs on the planet in my not very humble opinion on the subject. I’d be lying to you if I said it’s all cupcakes and flowers, though.

Here are a few things that annoy me the most.

Unsubscribes that are anything but instant

Is there anyone who truly has their email inbox under control? I certainly don’t even though I pretty regularly unsubscribe to all sorts of things. I’ve actually got four pet peeves about unsubscribing:

  1. When the unsubscribe link is hidden.
  2. When the link doesn’t work.
  3. When it requires me to enter my email address.
  4. When I’m told it will take x business days to process.

Each one of these is built on a lie (okay, maybe misunderstanding) about technology.

The few readers who take the time to destructively criticize

Those who know me know I’m open to constructive criticism, new ideas, and even kittens. Once in awhile, however, I’ll get an unfriendly email that details all sorts of perceived problems with my writing. Yes, I’m a creative speller – it doesn’t help to tell me I’ve spelled something wrong, particularly if you give me no clue how to find it. I wonder why someone bothers to try and discourage others. It’s even worse when it’s done publicly – which doesn’t happen too often.

I always want to shout, “Get a life! Quit reading me!”

I so appreciate the people who will email me about a gaffe or typo, etc. privately. Those people contribute and I’m grateful for them.

Pet peeves about passwords

The amount of time required to keep up with passwords these days leads to multiple pet peeves for me, including:

  • The sense of futility I have that all these attempts at security are for nil when it seems like every week there’s another major data breech we hear about.
  • I wonder about the data breaches we don’t hear about.
  • The request for password help emails that never arrive, or arrive with a link that doesn’t work.
  • The ever lengthening requirements making it almost impossible.

Software updates that only make things more difficult

Is there anything much worse than discovering ‘they’ have updated your favorite software and the ‘improvements’ mean it no longer works the way it used to? The WordPress move to Gutenberg for creating and editing posts within that up-to-now wonderful content management system is my most recent example.

It tickled me that almost overnight plugins were available at no cost that would force WordPress to behave as it always has – now referred to as ‘Classic.’ Apparently I’m far from the only one who didn’t get why the change or how it would benefit me.

This seems so true of so many software updates. Even the ones that require updates because security bugs are found make me peeved – why didn’t they do their job in the first place? Okay, I know it’s not that simple, but so little attention seems to be paid to the end user it boggles my mind.

Now it’s your turn. What are your pet peeves? Put ’em in comments please.

Write well and often,

Anne Wayman, freelance writer

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