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20 Secret Reasons You Want to Join a Writing Forum

writing forum

A writing forum may be the best investment you can make in your writing career. The right forum, and I’m proud of ours, can help you not only feel like you’re not the only one in the world writing, but is a ploace where you can hang out a bit and learn a ton. Or, if you’re already a professional writer, a forum is a place to shine and know you’ll be appreciated.

Here are 20 reasons you want to be part of a writing forum.

Why this topic today? Ah, simple, I’m relaunching the About Writing Squared / $5 Buck writing forum. Yes, that’s right. We’ve gone back to our original $5 a month price.

Here’s what we offer there.

  • A solid group of professional writers committed to their work and willing to share what they did to get there.
  • A free getting started class.
  • Even threads to talk about your dogs and cats!

At $5 a month it’s a great way to start the new year. Splurge a bit on yourself and come join the fun.

The 20 secrets

The About Writing Squared / $5 Buck Forum is:

  1.  A place to ask questions about your writing business.
  2.  A place to answer questions about the writing business.
  3.  An online place to hang out a bit when you’re feeling stuck.
  4.   A place to celebrate your writing wins – all of them.
  5.  A place to whine (a bit) when your writing is rejected.
  6.  A perfect place to complain about a client.
  7.  Also a perfect place to ask for advice about a client.
  8.  A writing forum is a great place to get marketing tips.
  9. You may get job leads in a writing forum.
  10. A place to ask for referrals to writing websites.
  11. A writing forum often offers discounts on all sorts of things for writers.
  12. Some writing forums allow you to make money selling memberships.
  13. A place to get advice from writing pros – who face it, generally know more about writing than your family or the folks at the coffee shop.
  14. A writing forum may also offer free or discounted classes by members.
  15. When you need to talk with someone who understands how hard it can be to find a publisher or an agent a good writing forum is the ideal place.
  16. Not only will members of a writing forum understand your problem, you’re likely to get some solid suggestions about how to solve it.
  17. Ask for and get honest critiques of your writing – or at least of snippets of your writing.
  18. You can ask your fellow forum mates to beta read your work as long as you’re willing to do the same.
  19. You won’t be the only forum member who would rather not market your writing – you’ll get support, encouragement and a dollop of sincere sympathy.
  20. If you’re new you’ll be able to ask writing pros all the questions you want and if you’re a pro you’ll be able to give back by helping the newcomer.

Yes, the original $5 buck writing forum has been re-launched at exactly that price – $5 a month, unless you want to save more by paying a year in advance. Get all the information here and treat yourself.

Write well and often,

Anne Wayman, freelance writer
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