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How I Script Videos and Webinars

script videos and webinarsHow I script videos and webinars is a more casual approach than many take.

My goal is to sound and look natural. A tightly written script that I feel I must follow in detail means I show up looking and sounding, well, scripted, and not at all like me.

What am I trying to accomplish?

Putting together a video or a webinar is a fair amount of work. People usually don’t put them together without a good reason. Maybe they want to build their reputation or sell a product or even sell a webinar. Be sure you know why you’re putting the video/webinar together.

I start with a tight topic

That is, I want a fairly narrow topic. “Freelance Writing,” for example, is far to wide ranging to be good for a video or webinar. “Finding Freelance Writing Jobs” is better, but still leaves lots of room for wandering. “Finding and Landing Freelance Blog Posts that Pay,” however, is just about right for an hour or less video or webinar. You could tighten it up more by adding an additional qualifier like ‘non-fiction’ or ‘travel’ or ‘marketing.’

Make a list of what you must cover to accomplish your goal

I start with a list of what I want to talk about. If the topic is getting a blog post written, my list would probably include:

  • Audience
  • Title
  • Platform
  • Pictures
  • Three subheads
  • Closing

I’d then write a rough paragraph on each. For example, for this blog post my audience is writers who want to learn something useful about writing scripts for their own videos and/or webinars.

I’d work to make the title interesting, so it stands out.

Platform refers to WordPress for blogging, and probably Freeconferencecall.com with screen sharing for webinars. Pictures I usually source from Pixabay. If I’m doing a video I just note that here.

The three + subheads

In writing a blog post the subheads are my cues for where I want to the article or script to go.  As you can see I have more than three here. Under each I’d write a snippet summing up what I want to say in the video or blog – with a webinar there would probably be four or five topics.


This, of course, is how I want to end whatever the presentation is.


I then script videos and webinars by writing out my notes, complete with subheads. Actually, I type them in all CAPS and use that as a script for practice. Considerable editing goes on during the first few practice runs and I’m actually committing the ideas to memory. I then am able to use the edited script as a reminder rather than something I read from.

Real time

I use the polished script, which is still just a series of notes, when doing the final writing or video shooting.

Not exactly transcripts

My final use of the script is to create a rough transcript of what I’ve said. I don’t try to make it exact, but to capture in writing the essence of what I said. Transcripts are expensive and I don’t think they are as effective as a summary I’ve written myself.

Now you know roughly how I script videos and webinars. Some people will want to script more tightly, and perhaps some less. This works for me and my hunch is you can use this information to develop your own method.

Write well and often,

Anne Wayman, freelance writer

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