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108 Things This Freelance Writer is Grateful for in 2018

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Years ago I was in a class with Rev. Guy Williams, now senior minister at the Center for Spiritual Living in Fallbrook, CA, when he challenged us about gratitude.

The second challenge was “If you can’t be grateful for something, stand there until you can be.” An amazing exercise which I will write about come to think of it.

The first challenge was to write down 100 things we were grateful for every day – at least during the class. I took that on and quickly began to use set of mala beads. Mala beads are a Buddhist rosary with 108 beads and it was at the time the closest rosary I had. So I began to count off gratitudes daily using that.

At some point I decided to create a list of 108 things I’m grateful as a Thanksgiving post here. I looked it up and I’ve been doing this since at least 2008 – making this the tenth anniversary. How about that! The only rule is I write it on Thanksgiving day as close to all at once as I can. Like this:

  1. That the true story of Thanksgiving is now easily available, like this one: Everything You Learned About Thanksgiving Is Wrong
  2. The internet and the information and connections with others it allows me to make.
  3. Cats – always cats
  4. Dudley, the tuxedo cat in particular
  5. Teachers like Rev. Guy who challenge me in many ways.
  6. Cait Casey
  7. Carol Spong
  8. Claudia Previn Stansy  and her husband, Jeff
  9. Democracy Counts!
  10. Daniel H. Wolf and founder of Democracy Counts!
  11. Pulkit K. Agrawal and team member at Democracy Counts!
  12. Pulkit’s mom who taught me just how good Indian food can be.
  13. The rest of the Democracy Counts team – some I’ve met once (Eric and Nancy), and others not at all.
  14. Chris Scott, inventor of IWood
  15. Frederick Jackson, owner and operator of The Healing Space
  16. Zen Buddhism
  17. SWZC, where I currently live
  18. The cottage I rent there.
  19. The Quan Yin Garden
  20. Growing tomatoes
  21. Nathan Doshin Woods
  22. Ryan Ando Lennon
  23. Electricity
  24. Running water
  25. Fresh water
  26. Hot water
  27. The fountain in the Quan Yin Garden
  28. Gas for the stove
  29. Gas for heat
  30. Washing machine
  31. Dryer
  32. Clothesline
  33. My computer
  34. My monitor
  35. My connection to the ‘net
  36. My keyboard
  37. My iPad
  38. (And I’ve finally gotten grateful for) my smart phone
  39. Humidifiers
  40. My car
  41. My car’s engine
  42. My cars tires and breaks
  43. That my car is paid for
  44. Herb Deer
  45. My living room rug
  46. Jennifer Simmons
  47. Cathy Miller
  48. Lori Widmer
  49. Sharon Hurley Hall
  50. Anne Seisen Saunders
  51. Roosevelt Roshin Ulloavaldivieso
  52. Lots of hot water for showers
  53. My daughter, Linda Wilder Cullins
  54. Linda’s husband, Chris
  55. My son and Linda’s brother, Mike Wilder
  56. Mike’s wife, Gloria Leichter Wilder
  57. Their daughter Emily Rose (my granddaughter)
  58. Their son Ben (my grandson)
  59. My son, Steve Wilder
  60. His wife, Stacy
  61. Their daughter Valerie (my granddaughter)
  62. Their son Cole (my grandson)
  63. Jay Evans
  64. Joanna Macy
  65. CRMs
  66. Opensource software
  67. Eggs
  68. Chickens
  69. Fish
  70. The Pacific Ocean – all of it
  71. Boats, particularly sail boats
  72. The Atlantic Ocean
  73. Mississippi River
  74. Missouri River
  75. Sacramento Delta
  76. Great Lakes
  77. Money, that I have, had, and will have.
  78. Sweetwater River
  79. Santa Margarita River
  80. City Heights
  81. Martin Eder
  82. Dwain Dolan
  83. Ellie Winslow
  84. Seijo
  85. Cut flowers
  86. Houses with curves and arches
  87. My lace curtains
  88. Rain!
  89. Sunshine
  90. Fog
  91. Winds and breezes
  92. Abraham Hicks
  93. Libraries
  94. Books
  95. Authors
  96. Online bookstores like Abe’s
  97. Hmm, am I grateful for online dating? It’s a mixed bag for sure
  98. Medium
  99. Video
  100. Movies
  101. Live theater
  102. Live music
  103. Music
  104. Dance
  105. Art
  106. Farmer’s markets
  107. Meandering by car or by foot
  108. Beaches

Huh. There you have it. I could go on, which is a nice feeling. It also feels good to be done.

Love, blessings and abundance to each of you, and for you writers,

Write well and often,

Anne Wayman, freelance writer


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  • Let me turn it around and ask you for a more specific question please.

  • Hey Anne Wayman, how are you? Thank you so much for sharing an important and helpful list. I have found here numerous logical information that helps me out. I noticed your first challenge that was about mala beads. Are you able to share a few specific experiences on it? Thanks…

  • You’re more than welcome. I enjoy putting it together. Probably ought to do it more than once a year 😉

  • I look forward to your list. Thanks for including me. Happy Thanksgiving, Anne.
    Sharon Hurley Hall recently posted..21 Things You Get When You Hire a Professional WriterMy Profile

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