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I Was Gone a Week! How Do I Get Back to My Writing Routine?

my writing routineHow do I get back to my writing routine?

It’s actually pretty simple; I sit down and write.

But it doesn’t quite feel that way. After all, not only was I gone a full week, that week was on one of the more interesting projects I’ve been involved with. As part of Democracy Counts! (www.DemocracyCounts.org) I spent a week in Broward County more or less beta testing our software and systems for the same-day audits of elections.

If you’ve been paying attention to election news you know that Broward County in Florida has been fraught with problem elections almost forever. We became part of all that for the 2018 mid-terms. (And yes, they’ve finished the recount… finally!)

Back home, sitting at my desk writing feels a bit tame in comparison. Of course, my writing ability is one of the major reasons I’ve been brought into this tech startup. In fact, all three of the startups I’ve participated in valued my writing skills.

One of the benefits of writing that I don’t often think about is it forces me to think and work in a reasonably logical manner. As writers I find we can often take in information just by looking things over and maybe asking a few strategic questions. We seem to either intuitively know what’s important or have had enough experience to recognize the central issues and how they are likely to play out.

Which is one way of defining what I was doing in Florida. For example, I quickly realized we hadn’t gathered enough volunteers; I also understood that I had to find a local person to help us fill the gaps. Although our software worked well, I realized there are several ways to make it even better.

And so, I’ve come down enough from a wonderful adventure to get back to my writing. I have been doing this long enough to trust my process. Sure, I should have written more last week… but I also had a great excuse, don’t we always! There was report writing to be done, so I was writing, but not my regular routine of writing. I’m getting there and it’s changed.

I’m even more committed to what we’re doing to make sure every vote will count, so my writing routine now includes writing and other activities that support that.

Who has more fun than folks… me in particular I sometimes think. The writing life, my life as a write is a good one.

Thanks for being there, and, as always,

Write well and often,

Anne Wayman, freelance writer

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