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Shh! About Writing Squared Forum to Return to Its Roots with Price Reduction

price reductionA price reduction? Yes!

Rare I know.

Of course there’s a story!

A brief history

Several years ago, I think it was 2011, fellow writer Lori Widmer and I created what is now largely known as About Writing Squared, nee’ The Five Buck Forum – a truly supportive forum for writers. Obviously at that price we needed no price reduction.

Back then there was only one plugin to create a membership forum and it was anything but easy, but we made it work. Two or three years in Lori decided she wanted to work on her poetry. I took over completely. Lori stayed in the forum where she still shows up and posts almost daily.

A couple of times I experimented with higher prices.

Everything worked until it didn’t

Everything worked until it didn’t. About a month ago the site crashed. Badly. It turned out the most active of us were able to find out way in again, but it was pretty ugly. It was also way beyond my ability to truly fix. Nor did I know where to get the right kind of WordPress help.

Tony, the knight in shining armor

I mentioned my problem to Tony, a member of my Buddhist sangha (congregation) because he’d helped us move our old fashioned website to a WordPress format. He fixed my site! Almost suddenly. Well, not quite that fast, but he had to do a ton.

The short form of what happened is a renewal of a ssl certificate somehow broke the site. My   host restored it from backups, but they used the wrong set of files… a really old set. So Tony had a lot of work to do and he did it well, including substituting a much more up-to-date forum software. Nice.

I’m about finished and I’ve been thinking

There’s lots of additional work – tweaking, recreating sales pages and new payment buttons, integrating everything and I’ve made great progress with still a fair amount to be done.

While I’ve been working on the forum I’ve been thinking and have decided I want to take it back to the original pricing. We set the price at $5 a month for a couple of reasons.

  • We wanted to be of upmost service to our fellow writers and keeping the price low seemed a good way to do that.
  • We also loved the sound and look of The Five Buck Forum.

In a week or two I’m going to ‘relaunch’ as it were with the price reduction to the original $5 a month. You’ll have 19 days from that announcement to join at the Five Buck price.

Make sure you get notified the early so you don’t miss out. That’s easy to do – just go here and sign up

Write well and often, and try our forum!

Anne Wayman, freelance writer
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