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You Define Your Own Success as a Freelance Writer

success as a freelance writerDo you consider yourself a success as a freelance writer?

I ask because I’m seeing articles and ads that imply you can’t experience success as a freelance writer if you don’t write a book in 90 days or make a six or seven figure income, or have a gillion followers on social media, etc. etc. etc.

It seems a push toward more money, more prestige, more stuff comes around every year or so. Maybe I’m wrong, but some of it feels like they’re trying to convince me I’m not a real writer or a successful writer until I do it there way. When it does I feel like pushing back.

Although I love having money, it’s not what defines success for me any more. I have enough – which for me is I can easily pay my bills, pay for some of my wants and set aside a reasonable amount for the future. The same thing with stuff – lord knows most of us have more stuff than we actually need or can use gracefully or sustainably. As far as writing a book in 90 days? That’s simply not the way I work or want to work. Could I do it? Sure, if I did nothing else. Would it be a good book? Only maybe;I know benefit from at least a second 90 days to polish and hone it, maybe more.

Success as a freelance writer for me

In addition to the above, another way I define success is a sense that I make a positive difference in people’s lives with my writing. Sometimes I get actual confirmation.  Readers say I do, in comments, via email and in our forum. I also get the same sort of feedback when I contact those who take advantage of my no-cost, no obligation gift coaching session.

I love it when a client from the past gives me a call out of nowhere! That happened yesterday and it’s going to mean some additional work – writing work that’s easy for me.

And writing is still fun for me. I truly love watching the words appear on the screen, almost like magic. When I’m writing I almost always get lost in it – a meditative state I thoroughly enjoy.

All this adds up to a sense of success to me.

What gives you a sense of success as a freelance writer? Or… what gets in your way? Tell us in comments!

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Write well and often,

Anne Wayman, freelance writer



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  • Hi Anne. Well, I don’t have a boatload of money, but I have the basics of everything I need. Like you, I continue to write to make a positive difference in the lives of others- hence my blogs and latest book. I’ve also found success in understanding how my voice matters. I will remain active in my craft, and, in my values. Always a pleasure to read your work!
    Clara Freeman recently posted..Womens History Month: For My Mother!My Profile

    • Thanks Clara… and I love it when my readers agree with me. Love your comment about how your voice matters – it does, as does mine… will probably write about that… unless you’d like to?

      • Oh yes, do go ahead! I tackled it in part, some time ago on my Authentic Woman blog as it relates to living our woman truths. Would appreciate reading how our voice matters from your perspective.
        Clara Freeman recently posted..Womens History Month: For My Mother!My Profile

  • Sue Chehrenegar

    If I were to weigh the number of compliments that I have received against the number of criticisms, I would tend to find more compliments. That helps me to feel successful, at least to a degree.

    • 😉 Good for you for noticing that… it’s so easy to focus on the negative – which brings more of the same.

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