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How Much Have You Written This Week? Reducing Negative Self-Talk

reducing negative self-talkReducing negative self-talk improves everything, including your writing and your writing business!

For example, how much have you written this week? Do you know? If you don’t, my hunch is you spend at least some time toward the end of the week mentally telling yourself you should have written more. Sound familiar?

It’s a perfect example of the kind of negative self-talk that gets in your way.

Reducing negative self-talk solutions

Here are the most effective solutions to reducing negative self-talk about writing and anything else I’ve found:

Ask how much I’ve done so far today

Years ago I caught myself mentally moaning ‘I’m not doing enough.’ I’d repeat this throughout the day. As I began to understand how self-defeating this was I taught myself first to notice it, and then to stop. If I could I’d physically stop, like in the middle of the room. I’d then ask myself what I had actually done so far that day. Invariably I’d realize that I’d already done more, sometimes way more than I thought. This has become a habit and  a great way to feel more positively about myself.

Byron Katie’s four questions

Byron Katie has helped probably millions change how they see themselves and their life. She starts by suggesting four questions we can ask ourselves when we recognizing we’re not thinking well of ourselves.  I find the first two generally are enough get me started reducing negative self-talk. They are:

  1. Is it true? Often it isn’t and that solves that.
  2. Can you absolutely know it’s true? If the first doesn’t solve it, this one usually does, particularly around my writing.

Track how much you actually write every week

Discover how much you really are writing every week. Track the time easily and for free in Toggl which will let you track your writing as a whole, or project by project. Another way is to simply tally the number of words you write every day so you can add them up at week’s end.

After a week or two you’ll know how much you write and from there can determine if it’s enough or not and make adjustments.

Remember, you are the expert on  your own life! And you can make the changes you really want to make.

Make sense? Or not? Share with us in comments.

Write well and often,

Anne Wayman, freelance writer

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  • Oh, many times did I say this when I was still having my blog 😐 but in the end isn’t it all about making it a habit, a daily routine?

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