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Committing the Act of Writing – Sometimes Magic, Sometimes Mundane

committing the act of writingI’ve been committing the act of writing for a long time now.

In 6th grade I picked up a book that was full of romance, adventure, intrigue with more than a dash of sexual energy. I loved it and someplace as I read it I realized a human being had actually dreamed up the story and put those words on paper. I wanted to become like that person – I wanted to become and be a writer.

And, along with many other things, I have.

Allowing the magic

Yesterday a friend and I were nattering on about writing, particularly about that feeling that, when we are open, blessed and paying attention. It’s then that when we are committing the act of writing we are are also experiencing magic.

Our words feel just right as they appear on the screen in front of us (or on the paper, and it must be true when carving words, or painting them). Even better, when we go back and read what we have written we know in our soul that what we have written is good and true.

I do believe we can allow this magic to happen more often – my tricks include writing in silence, turning off the phone, ignoring email. It often includes a bit of staring out the window, and tuning into my inner voice. It can’t be forced which is why I’m totally okay if the magic doesn’t happen. I just keep writing.

Recognizing that mundane is just fine

I’d love it if I felt magic every time I’m committing the act of writing. Or maybe I wouldn’t. I’ve never gotten close to that consistency, or if I have I haven’t recognized it.

I’ve accepted that mundane or usual or common place is okay for writing, and that’s where most of mine falls. A word at a time I explain something, share my opinions as they change over time,speaking occasionally of things I love, like writing, kids, grand kids, the beauty of the earth and my fears. It’s decent, not bad, but miss the mark as true magic. I count myself fortunate if I get word I’ve connected with someone.

I don’t demand magic happen, although I probably would if I thought I could make that work!

Repetition of committing the act of writing helps

A certain kind of magic happens when we write often – even daily or close to daily. I have a faith and a confidence in my writing that I never dreamed of when I started. I trust myself to get the writing done.  Early on I never knew if I could finish a piece, let alone well enough for someone to publish!

Repetition will do that for you. I remember hearing Tony Robbins back in the day saying, over and over again, “Repetition is the mother of mastery!” Somewhere along the line I realized that it’s really hard to get worse at something you practice.

Writing has been good to me. I love writing – sometimes purely for my own edification as when I write to unsnarl my own thinking – aka journaling. Making my living while committing the act of writing is a true gift, for which I’m grateful. To get to hang out with a bunch of writers online and in person is the cats pajamas, or the proverbial icing on the cake.

Why ‘committing the act of writing’?

This phrase come to me while I was thinking about today’s article. Now that I’ve written it here I’m thinking that when I bring that attitude – that I’m about to consciously do something am committing an act, in this case of writing. It feels like I’m pushing through to being, what? more mindful? More conscious of what I’m doing? More present? Could be. We’ll see what happens next. And I will keep you posted.

I would love your comments, yea, nay, confused, or something else – even something magical.

Write well and often,

Anne Wayman, freelance writer

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