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You Don’t Need to Fear Competition in Your Freelance Writing Business

fear competition“How can you say I don’t need to fear competition! There’s so much I’m probably going to have to lower my prices!”

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard something like that over time! I’ve even bought into the idea I’m competing with other writers more than once. Fortunately I’ve learned to let that notion go.

Fear of competition is based on the idea that there are a limited number of good freelance writing gigs out there and you have to beat someone else out if you’re to be able to earn a good living. Which means, of course, that you can also lose.

What I mean by no need to fear competition

Sure, chances are whatever your niche there are other people wanting to write in it. I’m not suggesting that you won’t lose gigs to other writers from time to time, or that it will seem that way.

But before we panic let’s look at some facts:

No end to writing jobs in sight

For the foreseeable future at least people and businesses will need writers. Most people don’t write well, or hate to write or are just to busy and/or distracted to take the time to write business letters, instruction manuals, a truly good novel, copy that gets results, news stories fake or otherwise, tech manuals, spec sheets, non-fiction books on any subject, erotica, science fiction stories and books, science article, magazine articles and blog posts by the millions. The opportunities are vast and out there for you to find. Your professional website properly set up and maintained is likely to catch the eye of clients as well.

Lots of writing pays well

Many many people and organizations understand they need to pay writers well if they’re going to get the quality they need. Many others will learn this before too long. Sure, some are stuck in the idea that they can pay low and get at least decent writing – no worries for you. You’re good and you’re going to take the time and make the effort to find those that will pay you what you’re worth.

You have a unique voice

When you’re writing about, oh say widgets, you will write it differently from every other writer who is writing about the same widgets. How you market, run your business and interact with clients is also unique. Some clients will simply prefer to work with you, and those who don’t will find a different writer that suits them. In fact not getting hired can be a source of celebration – it isn’t a fit.

Your perfect client is different from everyone else

You have a perfect client. You may not yet recognize this, but you do. For every kind of writing you have the ideal client. The more you know about that person the more you’ll be able to target your marketing efforts toward them.

If you’re not sure how to uncover your perfect client, Attracting Perfect Customers: The Power of Strategic Synchronicity is a book that will help you define exactly that. I had to skip some of the early chapters in order to get into the guts of the book – exercises that helped me define my perfect client and tips on what to do with that information. It’s a worthwhile book to own and work with.

Something magical happens when you really begin to understand who your ideal client is. You begin to figure out where they are and how to approach them. Yes, there are many more than just one – but you need to define the ideal first. You’ll begin to understand how you can serve them and see both their uniqueness and your own. No longer will you fear competition. You’ll be attracting the clients that match you and who will appreciate your writing.

Have you defined your perfect client yet? Tell us why or why not in comments.

For a slightly different take you may want to read Let’s Talk About Competition in Freelance Writing.

Write well and often,

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  • Thank you again for an insightful and affirming piece Anne. I am starting to gain clarity as to who my perfect client is: Values-driven, passionate and dynamic leaders in the Human Services sector who know they need to stop working in their business and start working on it. Leaders who value and empower the uniqueness of others, work with them to establish clear objectives and trust the professional to deliver exceptional work. Leaders who remunerate quality work with long-term relationships and exceptional financial reward. That is my perfect client. Thank you.

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