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13 Ways to Find Freelance Writing Jobs in 2018

freelance writing jobs 2018Freelance writers must find freelance writing jobs throughout their whole writing career. It’s one of those facts of life it seems.

It should also be said that there are hundreds if not thousands of ways to find freelance writing jobs. Not only that, but the way to find them is always changing.

The trick is to find what works for you, and to stay open and aware of the changes to the job hunting process.

How to find freelance writing jobs in 2018

Here are 13 tools or methods you can use to find good freelance writing job. This list isn’t definitive, but if you did several of these regularly for six months or a year you’d probably find yourself with more writing gigs than you could handle.

        1. Market yourself daily – find something you’ll do every day or every week day.  Lori Widmer’s ebook Marketing 365 may be the best not-quite-$5 you ever spend. She gives you something you can do every day of the year.
        2. Check your favorite job boards, notifications, etc. daily – set aside 30 minutes or so and apply no later than the next day – freelance writing jobs go quickly.
        3. Add an hour each week to seek out new sources of writing gigs – google things like freelance writing jobs, or remote writing gigs – chances are you’ll soon discover sources that are new to you.
        4. Go through your client list at least quarterly. Give them a call – send an email – something. You want to remind them of you, and get referrals.
        5. Build or tweak your website to show off the kind of writing you do best and  want to do for clients.
        6. Tell everyone your a writer – an automatic cold pitch
        7. Some find jobs through Twitter – according to Elna Cain, the best hash tags are: @Write_Jobs@WahJobAgency@WhoPaysWriters, and @JJobs_tweets. Experiment – you may find others that work for you.
        8. Check for ‘write for us’ or something similar on websites you’d like to write for and apply, following their directions, of course.
        9. Call on, in person, local businesses you’d like to write for – strike up a conversation and if they don’t need you ask who they know who might.
        10. Always ask clients for referrals.
        11. LinkedIn – make sure your profile there is inviting people to contact you with writing needs.
        12. Add yourself to freelance writing directories – many are free or low cost like Jenn Mattern’s.
        13. You may even find good job leads on Reddit – just go carefully there – it’s a zoo but has some surprisingly good leads.

Persistence and experimentation are key

If there are any secrets to marketing yourself successfully it’s persistence and experimentation. Keep at it until you find what works for you. And even then experiment – your changing, your writing is improving, and the market is changing.

Turns out this is going to be a series that takes an updated look at finding freelance writing jobs. If you’ve got questions or suggestions put them in comments please.

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Write well and often,

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  • Don’t discount the value of face-to-face networking events to put yourself out there. And don’t be afraid of the phone, either – call someone to follow up on a lead or a proposal sent and don’t rely on email only. Us writers tend to be an introverted bunch, but if you can rustle up the energy to go to a networking event and make the effort to put yourself out there, you’ll be doing something your writing competitors are unlikely to be doing.

    • Well said, Sandra… Toastmasters can be a great place to meet folks and learn to speak… guess I’ll do an article on it.

  • I couldn’t agree more with your number one method – Market Yourself Daily. This was critical to launching my freelance career and it hasn’t changed. No matter how busy you get, spend at least 30 minutes a day marketing you services.

    New freelance writers need to take note – nothing will do more for your business than this method.

    Jon Pennington | http://www.blogwritingprofits.com

  • Hello Anne,
    You have mentioned really noteworthy steps to be taken for writing jobs to Freelancers in 2018.
    Thanks for sharing such a wonderful post.

    Imran Khan

  • Great article! This was very informing. Thank you. I look forward to reading more on your site.

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