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Passion and Congruity – Another Take on Writing Flow

passionPassion and congruity – shortly after I wrote about the mechanics of flow in our writing, another  trusted friend suggested that passion and congruity were also a way to look at achieving flow in our freelance writing.

That bell rang clearly to me.  In fact, I think much of what I wrote about in the original article comes from passion and congruity, maybe even all of it.

Passion keeps us focused

Passion is, of course, a strong emotion. One of the keys to writing that flows is to be passionate about our chosen topic. When I’m passionate about a subject it’s easier to keep to the point or points I want to make. The energy I’m feeling helps drive the piece forward. Those points, properly marshaled, help both the writer and the reader with the flow of the piece.

Congruity supports our passion

According to Vocabulary.com (a really interesting dictionary – yeah, I know that’s off point.) congruity comes from the Old French meaning “…Old French congruité for “relevance and appropriateness.”

I worry more about keeping things relevant than I do keeping them appropriate. My comment about the dictionary is a fine example of breaking my own rule about relevancy. It happens. In this case I’ve decided since we’re all word lovers, it’s probably not too much off track. But if this were a chapter in a book I’d either take it out or write a whole section or chapter on rule breaking in writing.

When I stay congruent my writing tends to flow more easily. I am not distracted quite so easily.

There may be a zone of passion and congruity

When I’m both passionate and congruent while writing I often realize I’ve actually moved into some sort of other state. Time doesn’t have the same importance that it does when I’m not writing. I liken it to a meditative state, but that’s only because I speak the language of mediation. But no matter how I say it I know I’m not alone in being in that zone.

How do you get there? Ah,all sorts of ways. I would ask, what is it that you really want to write about? When my friend suggested passion and congruity as a way writing flows I knew I wanted to write about it. I’ve found that true with all sorts of projects.

And when you’re not passionate about the topic?

As freelance writers we often find ourselves writing about stuff that isn’t very interesting to us. That lack of interest will show in my prose. Finding a way to be interested helps a lot. It might not be in the topic so much – I mean I’ve never been able to get really excited about stainless steel tanks! I was, however, curious to see if I could communicate their construction to the non-engineer. That was enough challenge to keep me on track. A passionate piece of writing it wasn’t, but it was congruent and it did get published and I got paid. Sometimes that’s enough.

So, what do you want to say? Comments are back – have at it.

Write well and often,

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  • Gail

    I agree Anne, finding a way to be interested helps. I’ve written on many topics similar to the one you mentioned – railcars, water sanitation equipment, road marker manufacturing, to name a few. These are not topics I am passionate about and was not familiar with until I got the assignment. Then as I did my research something interesting would turn up and I would become eager to share my discovery or try to convey why it mattered. When an article succeeds I get a sense of satisfaction. And that’s one of the joys of writing.

  • Hi Anne-
    Great post!
    You write:
    “When I’m both passionate and congruent while writing I often realize I’ve actually moved into some sort of other state.”

    – Check out brainwave frequencies. The flow state we’re all looking for is alpha-dominant brain wave pattern. Takes some of the mystery out of flow states, but makes it easier to get there! 🙂

  • Whatever we do in our life, passion plays a worth role. Passion makes our job a game and an entertainment and we may be able to write content more technically strong and competitive than that written in boring mode. Thanks

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