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5 Ways to Find New Freelance Writing Clients that Pay Well

find new clientsBusiness is largely about getting leads that convert into sustainable clientele. This clientele has to be attractively budgeted and offer regular business to the agency/firm/freelance writer. Finding new freelance writing clients who are qualified leads is a major task and often a concern for entrepreneurs and freelancers alike.

Like all freelancers have a different level of skill, all clients are not equal. Some will understand your value from first interaction. Some will be smart low-ballers who despite knowing your value will try to get you to reduce your rates.

Figuring out the right combination is the key so that your business can thrive well.

How to find high-paying new freelance writing clients

Step 1: Assassinate your self-doubt

Any business owner or freelancer was once a newbie. All they knew was the skill they had and the half-baked strategy that they had to adopt. As time went on, their skills and strategies evolved. Even a skeptic would agree that your skill will grow after every year of experience, so you deserve better pay.

Finding high-paying freelance writing clients is only a matter of positioning yourself in front of the right people and with the right attitude.

Step 2: Start saying no to low-ballers

The industry compensation levels are not the only marker for assessing how much you should get paid. It could be that your skills are just what they are looking for, but they may not show it. So always ask your questions confidently and try to assess exactly just how much you bring to the table and state your quote.If you think you are not getting enough monetary compensation in exchange for your skill, be confident in saying no but don’t be rude.

Step 3: Prepare to impress your clients

When they look at you, they see a skilled person. You may not have enough experience to be called an “expert” but you are certainly confident about your skill. Use that confidence to sell yourself. Your goal is to impress them and convert prospective leads into paying customers.

Your personal sales copy needs to pack a punch; you need to clearly show how your services will make a difference in their business. Show them what possibilities you offer, collect a great set of testimonials and samples in your portfolio.

The easiest way to showcase your skills is to start a website and create a blog. If you are new to blogging, you will need a tutorial which shows you how to create a website by using a website builder.

Step 4: Define your ideal freelance writing client

You may have started with a no-holds-barred policy but after some 5-10 projects with different clients, you certainly get a much clearer picture of the kind of people you want to work with.

Use this opportunity to create a vision for the kind of client you want. Use these questions to help you determine the same:

? What were the common qualities among the clients you always enjoyed working with?
? What were the common problems among your clients that you want to always avoid?
? What kind of work did you enjoy?

This gives you a concrete list of expectations from the freelance writing client and features from the work deal. As you create a list while answering these questions, you might realize that certain clients pay very well but the work they offer is not the kind you always enjoy or it could be the other way around.

Once you create an ideal client profile, you can target them across industries.

Step 5: Put all agreed terms and conditions in writing as a proof

When you have got your high-paying client that you actually want to start working with, going a little slow may be in your benefit. Sometimes during the negotiations, things are said in a way that may be perceived differently by the client or by the freelancer/entrepreneur.

So just to make sure you all are on the same page, put down everything you discuss in all meetings (phone/video calls) in an email (call it “minutes of meeting”), send to your client, and ask him to acknowledge if everything is correct.

This gives both the parties a chance to go over everything one last time and it gives you a chance to put everything in writing. If the client tries to deviate from the agreed terms and conditions, show him this email chain.

If possible, you can also go for a full contract which should include milestones, project description, and project overruns. Ask clarifying questions like:

? How would you be tracking performance and delivery?
? Do you have any concerns about your project?

Wrapping it up

As a freelancer/entrepreneur, you should never tolerate low-ballers. Many self-employed professionals suffer from the Impostor Syndrome – they think they don’t deserve the success. Before you search for new high-paying freelance writing clients, you must overcome any self-doubt you may have and the rest will follow.

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Catherrine Garcia is a passionate blogger and a freelance Web Developer. She along with her group of freelance developers, are experts of creating Websites on CMS.

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  • Referrals, and various job lists… and letting everyone know I’m a writer. A marketing plan. A website… there’s a ton of advice… search on marketing.

  • This article was so helpful. I have been writing freelance for a little while now, but it seems that I am always trying to draw in new clients. Even when I do get returning clients, they typically aren’t consistent enough to support my business on their own. Where would you say you draw a lot of your clientele? I would love to hear any advice you have for an aspiring writer!


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  • You’re welcome, Jeet.

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