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What Went Well for This Freelance Writer in 2017 and Where I’m Heading

what went wellWhen I decided not to set goals for 2018, I said I’d look at what went well and where I think I’m heading.

I hadn’t realized that the theme of what went well has become a thing! Google estimates it has 1,380,000,000 pages with that keyword phrase. Maybe the number of web pages is the new way to determine when something becomes a thing. Even Forbes has gotten into the what went well act.

The thrust of the movement if it can be called that, is it’s better to think well of ourselves and what we’ve done right than to consistently berate ourselves for what we didn’t do right or didn’t do at all.

I totally agree. Asking yourself what went well or right can move you off all sorts of negative thinking and start your creative juices flowing exactly the way you want them to.

What went well for me this year

This kind of list can grow and grow. I’ve listed 36 things so far and the chances are by the time I get to the end of this post that number will have grown.

    1. About Freelance Writing – and if you haven’t signed up for the newsletter you can right here, and get a free ebook as well.
    2. Our forum, which is called About Writing Squared. Treat yourself by joining this year.
    3. Adding life coaching to what I do. This grew out of coaching writers and I love it. Find out more here – and ask for a Gift Session if you’d like.
    4. Getting in touch with many of my readers through LinkedIn.

  1. Having a roommate.
  2. My two cats, Dudley and Toulouse.
  3. The Mastermind group I attend.
  4. Cait
  5. Carol
  6. Claudia
  7. Working again with Chris Scott and his projects
  8. Getting the book writing class ready and it’s almost done! (Sign up for early notice which will include a discount here.)
  9. Living in community
  10. Meditation
  11. Walks with friends and by myself
  12. Lunch with Cathy Miller – a wonderful tradition
  13. My new less than $40 vacuum that does a pretty good job
  14. My 3 tomato plants – late start and it’s working
  15. Regular calls with Trish
  16. My three kids
  17. Mike
  18. Linda
  19. Steve
  20. Their spouses
  21. Gloria
  22. Chris
  23. Stacey
  24. Four grandkids
  25. Emily
  26. Ben
  27. Valerie
  28. Cole
  29. Amtrak
  30. Working with Steph
  31. Watering the Kwan Yin Garden
  32. Getting my office cleaned up
  33. Chris’ website
  34. Bruce’s website
  35. My coaching website, Life Coaching on Purpose
  36. My coaching mentor

It occurs to me that many of these would also make decent posts here during the year. The real total is 40 items.

Directions for next year

I also promised to review the directions I want to take in 2018. This is a shorter list and its all my projects with the possible exception of ghostwriting a book for someone. Hmmm. Maybe I want to write a book myself. That bears some thinking.

  1. A four day work week
  2. Ghosting one book
  3. Developing my life coaching business to 24+ clients
  4. Continuing to post twice a week here
  5. Once a week at Powerfully Recovered
  6. Once a week on When Grandmother Speaks

The one specific goal I set

I haven’t given up on setting goals it turns out. I have set a specific goal for the number of coaching clients I want in 2018. That came about through the book, Attracting Perfect Customers. I’ll have more to say about this book in a review – but it’s a good one.

The takeaway? It’s okay to set goals if they don’t get in your way. Looking at what went well is a great way to treat yourself and boost your creativity.

Write well and often,



Why the cat walking a wall? I just like the picture which I got from Pixabay – a great place if you want pictures. Amazing how often things go well for cats – great models.

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