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Blogging? 6 Secret Free Tools to Help You Create Truly Engaging Posts

bloggingBlogging continues to be one of the simplest, and most effective ways to capture the attention of your audience in today’s saturated marketplace. With the right blog, you can capture the hearts and minds of your audience instantly, convincing them that you’re not only worth their attention, but you could also be worth their investment too.

Of course, there’s a lot more involved in producing an amazing blog than simply typing a few hundred words into WordPress and hitting the “publish” button. If you want your blogs to really work for you, then you’re going to need to choose interesting topics that entertain, inspire, and engage your audience, while increasing your rankings on the search engines at the same time.

The good news, is that you don’t have to begin the quest for compelling content without some help. The following tools could help you to create more engaging content in no time.

1.    BuzzSumo

Perhaps one of the most well-known blogging tools in the digital marketing world, BuzzSumo is a website that shares information about some of the most popular, trending topics related to a keyword. Since keeping your audience engaged begins with finding something to write about that they’re interested in, you can use BuzzSumo to inspire your writing efforts, by looking for stories that connect to your keywords and phrases in some way.

All you need to do to use the system is type the keyword you want to rank for in the search engine bar, and the website will generate a range of potential stories for you to use when you’re planning your next blog post. Simple.

2.    PikWizard

It’s not just the text that you write that makes a difference when it comes to engaging your audience, but the way that you capture their attention with other media too. Today, one of the easiest ways to keep your readers on your webpage for longer, is to embed your blogs with high-quality, high-resolution images.

Not only do visuals make content easier to read for your audience by breaking up blocks of text, but they can also add context to whatever you’re talking about, so that the reading experience becomes more pleasurable for your target market. Since any old stock photo won’t get the right results, PikWizard is a resource packed full of fantastic pictures for you to browse through and use at your leisure.

Note from Anne: Yes, the owl here is from PikWizard, by KAZ

3.    Design Wizard

Speaking of the desire for more “visual” content that has entered the market throughout 2017, it’s worth noting that you don’t have to commit yourself exclusively to blog posts if you want to improve your online value with content. You could always consider repurposing some of your posts into video format, and sharing your messages on YouTube so that you can reach a broader range of potential customers.

With Design Wizard, you can give your customers a more consistent experience as they move between your website and video channels, by creating branded art that suits your company perfectly. The application allows you to create YouTube channel visuals ideal for when you’re starting your first video campaigns.

4.    Readability Test Tool

If you want your customers to stay on your page and enjoy your blog posts for longer, then you need to make sure the content you produce is as simple and easy to read as possible. One of the best ways to do this is to test your posts with a readability tool.

The readability test tool will allow you to determine just how likely your customers are to feel overwhelmed and confused when they’re presented with your latest blog update. Remember, your pieces should be as clear, concise, and simple as possible if you want to engage your audience.

5.    Hemingway Editor

Since “readability” isn’t necessarily the only thing separating great writers from sub-standard marketers, it’s worth making sure that you have a tool available for checking all of the other elements that go into creating fantastic blog posts too. The Hemingway Editor can help you to ensure that your posts are clear and interesting for audience.

Not only does Hemingway highlight “complicated” sentences for you, so that you can start to simplify the phrases in your post, but it also draws attention to passive language which might disengage your audience.

6.    Emotional Marketing Headline Analyzer

Finally, in today’s marketing world, if you want to capture the attention of your audience, you’re going to need a headline that really stands out. After all, today’s customers are experiencing something of a “content overload”, which means that your blog titles need to resonate with your audience on an emotional level if you want them to click through and find out what you’re all about.

The Emotional Marketing Value Headline Analyzer gives you a score to determine just how enticing your headlines are. The higher the score, the better your title is.

Note from Anne: Using this tool I was able to boost the original headline to 66.67 percent – pretty good.

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