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Side Hustles for Freelance Writers

side hustlesSide hustles!

If you know a few tricks, then working from home can be extremely lucrative, but you may need several income streams. After you have landed a few writing gigs and finished all your work early, you could try branching out into other areas. By finding other ways to make money online, you can quickly build up a monthly bonus from several small transactions.

Online Surveys

There are a growing list of websites that pay users to complete surveys. Do a quick Google search to check your chosen site is legitimate, then get to work filling in surveys. Making money with Swagbucks is a popular and well paying option. It can be monotonous and won’t make you rich by itself, but a little bit of extra income each week will add up.

Become a virtual tutor

As a writer, you have gained knowledge which could be valuable to others. If you have a college degree, then you are probably capable of teaching in that discipline. Maybe you’re bilingual or play a musical instrument. And, for some tutoring gigs you don’t need a degree.

You can sign up to freelancing websites such as Fiverr or find a professional tutoring company. Then you will be connected to individuals who will pay to have a lesson from you. Depending on your skills and commitment, this can be one of many profitable side hustles.

Affiliate marketing as side hustles

This is a way for people with an audience to start making a passive income. By adding product links to your blogs, YouTube videos, Tweets or Instagram bio, you are able to receive a financial kickback, at no extra cost to the buyer.

With Amazon’s commission rates generally between 4-8.5%, there is a good opportunity to make some small money here. If you are growing an audience online, don’t just use ads, but utilize affiliate programs for a higher reward. With the right affiliate programs as side hustles you can begin to make some real money.

Start a blog

Sometimes it helps to just stick with your passion and see where it leads. While you may have been writing for other people’s blogs and websites, it may be a good idea to start a blog project of your own.

This can be on a topic that you are deeply knowledgeable about. After finishing your day writing, or before you start it, you can get into more fun and engaging work. It may start out a hobby, but as you gain views and produce great content, you should see the ad revenue start to trickle in. One of the better places to learn about making money with a blog is at ProBlogger.net

The key to significantly increasing your monthly income is to diversify your earnings – in other words, side hustles. Writing may be your main gig, but by building as many sources of passive and non- passive income you will see the cash start to build up. If you have skills and time to spare, you can do high paid work such as tutoring. If, however, you have less time to dedicate, surveys are easy way that anyone can boost their cash flow.

What side gigs have you tried? How well did they work?

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  • Blogs will remain the best way to promote your business, as long as you provide quality content.

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