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7 Mysteries About Freelance Writing That Stop Many From Becoming A Freelance Writer

mysteriesWith the rise of the internet, interest in freelance writing is picking up. However, with people coming from different countries and backgrounds, there is a shroud of mystery about how freelance writing really works.

So here I am today to bust a few common myths that create doubts among the newbies and hold them to back from pursuing a career in freelance writing.

1. You can’t find work without connection

There is no truth in this statement that “you cant get writing work without connections.” There are so many opportunities littered over the internet that you can start from anywhere. You can:  find “work from home” jobs from job websites such as Monster; can bid at freelancing websites such as Upwork; make a cold calls, email outreach to offer your services to potential clients, and you can start a blog to create a portfolio of your work from where your potential clients can approach you.

Yes, once you make a few good clients happy you always have a chance to get a few more client through word of mouth publicity. And you should make it a practice to ask clients for referrals.

2. Need a degree in English or journalism

Okay, it can help you if you have a degree in English or Journalism, but not a requirement. If you can write English pretty well (never mind if you are not that literary kind of writer), think logically, research well, analyze the information and pick relevant information according to the topic you are writing for, you stand a good chance as a freelance writer.

3. Can set your own schedule

As a freelance writer, you are not bound to “9-to-5” schedule, you are not completely free to set your own schedule. In fact, a good writers make a point to work according to a schedule so theye can deliver the project within given deadlines. Yes, committing to deadlines is important for any business.

4. Need to work as a staff writer before starting as a freelance writer

This is one of the myths that stops many people from achieving their dream of becoming a freelance writer. But let me tell you this is not the truth at all. As I discussed earlier that you need to have certain qualities to succeed as a freelance writer. Also, you should be ready to take feedback, good or bad, on your work and learn from your mistakes.
However, being a staff writer can help you gather the experience and understanding of the industry.

5. It’s easy to become six-figure earning writer

There is nothing easy if you want to make it big. Freelance writing is running a business. You have to sell your skill and expertise. Finding and winning clients is not as easy as it seems to the people who are not the part of this field. You have to compete with many budding and veteran freelance writers to get work. So, though it is very much possible to earn a six-figure income and many people are doing so, it is not easy; it takes too much of efforts, dedication, and commitment.

6. Can’t earn a living as a freelance writer

Content is the king, and the internet feeds on content. More and more businesses need good writers. So if you are a good writer, keen to deliver work according to the objectives of client business, there is no dearth of work for you. Freelance writing is an as much in-demand career as any other Internet-related jobs. There is no truth in the statement that you can’t earn a living as a freelance writer.

7. You have no bosses

So, you are own boss, right! But wait, do you realize, you have several bosses who are your clients. Each client needs your attention and your time. So it’s true that you are not working for your real “boss,” but you are answerable to your clients for the best quality of work.

So many mysteries hovering around the idea of freelance writing! But believe me, once you cross this hurdle of myths,mysteries and misconceptions, you can have a good, satisfactory freelance career. You’ll need to become consistent in your efforts to find new assignments, dedicate  time and discipline to your work, be ready to learn from your mistakes and also keen to learn new marketing skills. Freelance writing is not just about writing; it is also about marketing, managing, and accounting.. all roles rolled into one position that is a freelance writer.

Do not under estimate and undermine yourself; it’s just a matter of believing in your knowledge and skills and finding your true potential. Keep Freelancing!

Vandana Singhal is a freelance writer and blogger. Founder of Writeshack, she likes to write about basic things that keep happening around on a daily basis. Also, she loves to write about freelancing, SEO, Digital marketing, travel, health, self-development and growth topics. Contact: vandy.singhal@gmail.com

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  • A laugh, to be joyous, must flow from a joyous heart, for without kindness, there can be no true joy.

  • Vandana, thanks for sharing with us all information in regards to the mystery of freelance writing. Been planning to become a freelance writer some time soon so I had saved your article for my future reference. Keep up the great work! 🙂

  • Dear Vandana,

    What sectors you have written, these are really very important to be a freelance writer. These mysteries should be avoided.

  • Thanks for sharing great article, I’m also a freelancer and serving as On-Page SEO expert

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