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Solo NYC – Something New for Freelancers and Solopreneurs?

solopreneurIn this case, SOLO is a short film about freelancers, aka solopreneurs, in New York.

After I got over my suspicion and personal annoyance at the insistence that New York city is the only place creativity takes place, I found the film poignant. There are no writers, but at least for me, it’s worthwhile because as near as I can tell the only thing I don’t share with these solopreneurs is New York city. It’s always a kick to identify.

You can watch it and other videos at solopreneur.

This quote pretty much sums it up:

In equal parts, inspiring and pragmatic, “SOLO NYC” is emblematic of the daily battle freelancers go through: is this independent life they’d dreamt of? Or, is it the same grind, dressed up differently?

Yes, the entrepreneurial dream always turns out at least a bit differently than we expected.

An app for solopreneurs

As you’ll see if you poke around, this is part of an amazingly complex and detailed promotion of a cloud based application  developed by AndCo.

It’s designed to let you keep track of your clients in a pretty easy fashion. It will time, create invoices, track payments, billable hours, and more pretty easily. There is a free version that will limit you to two, plus one, client. Currently there’s the Gold edition which costs about $15 a month.

Do solopreneurs need it?

Do you need it? Probably not.

If, however, you’re one of those folks who has real trouble getting invoices out, tracking expenses and the other mostly money related chores every freelancer including writers need to do regularly, it might be worth. That is IF, and this is a big IF, you’d actually use it.

I’m able to do the same thing using invoices I create, tracking time with toggl.com, etc. On the other hand, it looks like an application I might enjoy and actually benefit once I got it all set up.

If your writing practice has more than a few clients at a time, this might be an excellent approach.

It also looks great for solopreneurs who are producing multiple products, like the potter. In truth it was the potter who drew me in because sometimes I hand build with clay.

The real reason for this piece is not because I’m getting paid. As near as I can tell they don’t even have an affiliate program. The mini-movie tickled me. I identified with each one of the solopreneurs. I suspect you might too.

As always,

Write well and often,

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