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Ways Bright Shiny Objects Can Sink Your Freelance Writing Career

bright shiny objectsDo you ever let bright shiny objects distract you from your writing and / or your writing career?

I’ll bet you do!

Most of us can be tempted away from the task we think we should be doing when something new and potentially more exciting shows up.

For example, I just found Carol Tice’s article called 113 Things You Can Do to Grow Your Freelance Writing Income — Now. I’m waiting on money and I can’t tell you how tempting it is to go read that rather than write this. I’m also tempted to start a similar list of my own, which might be a good idea but would be, in this moment, a total distraction. I’d simply be chasing after yet another bright shiny object.

I’ve also got a new piece of software I’d like to master. Then there’s the new forum I need to set up for the upcoming video course on how to get your book written.

I’ve also got a bit of a headache and would love to take a nap…. and so it goes.

There is always some distraction

There’s always a reason not to write. Bright shiny objects may be the worst of the distractions. At least for me they tend to hold out some hope that having them will make me rich, or thin, younger looking, or famous, or smart, or any number of good things I think I might like.

Sometimes what they seem to offer may even be true. For example, I’ve recently switched over to a ketogenic diet because Dr. Josh Turknett, a neurologist, discovered a super low carb diet relieved his migraines. I decided to try it and for a week or two it was sort of distracting as I figured out how to go keto. And it’s working. In 80 some odd days I’ve had one serious migraine… which is almost as good as being migraine free.

But generally those bright shiny objects don’t work quite as described.

Just saying not now works

Just saying no, not now, to bright shiny objects works. Sure, it takes some discipline, but so does writing.

It’s the ‘not now’ that makes my no to bright shiny objects work. I will go back and read Carol’s article, and I may start a list of something similar. I will try textexpander and which I’m told makes it super easy to past in responses I plan to use often. By the time I’ve finished this post I’ll probably decide I don’t want to explore the magic potion that will make me look younger… I kinda like my age.

How do you handle bright shiny objects – or not?

Write well and often,

Anne Wayman freelance writer

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  • Sue Chehrenegar

    I do not get that excited by bright shiny objects, although I do welcome the chance to enjoy a special experience. From now on, I will be more tempted to do so. I went to a fundraiser in Beverly Hills on Friday night, and Saturday morning I was working on an article. I got the idea for that article at the Friday night event.

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