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Free Software Helps Writers Create Ebooks

ebooksErin Scott, who has written for us from time-to-time, send me this article about free, cloud-based ebook creator. I gave it a try.

I like it and I don’t.

The biggest problem is I can’t paste a single Word file into the software, but instead must work chapter by chapter.

You’ll end up with an ebook in the epub format which is good for many sites and most ereaders. To sell on Amazon, however, you’ll need to convert epub to mobi.

But their customer support is pretty quick. This isn’t a bad approach to getting an ebook done – and the cost is right. – Anne


A decent profit, loyal readership, better potential sales, and a global business from your writing desk—yes, you can have all of these if you know how to self-publish a high-quality e-book with an ultra-effective idea.

Here’s why you should try doing it now, not later.

These days, whether you’re a digital marketer, a blogger, an academic writer, or perhaps a working mom, there are limitless opportunities in digital business, because there is a treasure chest on the web, and all you have to do is find and dig it.>

  1. You have most of the royalties and control. The beauty of self-publishing your e-books is that you’ll enjoy 70 to 100 percent of your book’s royalties. Though some distributors cut some of your royalties, you just need to find the right one that will satisfy your publishing needs.
  2. E-books offer good profit. A number of indie authors sell e-books online to start opening a market to different countries. There is a huge growth in the digital market including in the US.
  3. Don’t worry, the risk is low. Writing e-books offers low entry costs. You only need to hire professional editors and cover designers and still get high profit margin in return. Digital books only costs less because you eliminate the printing and shipping, and readers can purchase and download your book immediately once it’s available online.
  4. It helps build your marketing brand. E-books are a good source of income, and ultimately, it can become a powerful marketing tool that will lure in your target audience. You know where to indulge and focus your writing and they’ll know where to find you.

However, writing a formidable e-book with a profitable idea is harder than it looks like, and it should be—since people want real-world, firsthand proven strategies and techniques on a content. Maybe you have writing limitations such as shyness, but as long as you have something to write worth reading, people will be willing to pay for it.

Where can you write your e-book?

If you’re ready to wallop your keyboard, you can check this free online e-book maker that is reinventing the way we write and publish e-books online.

myeBookmaker is an online e-book creator that helps you publish your work directly in ePub format.

But before even thinking to proceed on how you can find the right market or how to get an e-book published, here are some e-book publishing tips that will work for you.

  • After finishing the draft. Edit and polish your e-book. Never publish an e-book with grammatical errors, confusing sentences, and cluttered book cover. If possible, hire a professional editor to proofread and edit your work, and a designer for your book’s cover.
  • You can change your e-book’s price anytime you want. Start with something reasonable. Or ell it with a sampler of your other e-books.
  • Check e-book distributors. These includes Smashwords, Amazon kindle Direct Publish, Kobo Writing Life, Draft2Digital, etc. You only need to find the one that suits your budget and preferences.
  • If you don’t have an author website yet, make one right now. Writing an e-book can draw traffic to your site, and more importantly, it will heighten your marketing presence on the web.
  • Be there where your readers are. Now that you have an established platform, learn how to use social media as your marketing advantage. Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest are great venues to entice potential buyers.

Erin Scott is a book publishing and marketing specialist at LitFire Publishing, a company based in Atlanta GA which envisions helping more authors transform their manuscripts into top-quality books, and provides personalized marketing and distribution support to help authors become contenders in today’s very competitive market. Follow Erin on twitter at @erinscottlf or read more of her tips at http://blog.litfirepublishing.com.

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  • great post! Thankyou so much for this. x

  • This is such a helpful post, if I had of known it was this easy to create my own ebook I wouldn’t have hired that super expensive editor!

  • May

    This is so helpful! Thank you, Erin. I’m going to bookmark this for later. I’ve been thinking about creating an ebook for a long time, and you’re so right about it having low risk.

  • Ana

    I’ve been thinking about freelancing sometime soon. Although I’m not ready to do it, I’m happy that you shared this so now I have a clear perspective of how it works.

  • Great post! I’ve wondered about how to go about publishing an e-book (at some point). I’ll save this as a reference for the future. Thanks for sharing!

  • Wow, great information here. This has my brain rolling and I’ve saved this post for future possibilities

  • E-books offer immense value to your audience for a low price. It’s a great idea to look into this to grow your brand and to see some profit. With tools like the one described in this post it’s never been easier to give it a try.

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