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8 Tips to Help You Make Time For Your Writing

time for your writing

I suspect your much like I am in the desire to make time for your writing.

Your know the stuff I mean. The poetry that languishes on your desktop, the novel that’s buried in a folder, the notes crammed into a file box – all that an more – the real writing you long to write. Like most you long for time for YOUR writing.

Your writing is important

We freelance writers can get so caught up in working for clients and/or working for money, we put our own writing dreams on hold. If we’re not careful that hold can last indefinitely.


My experience tells me that those writing dreams have a great deal to do with our own creativity. We have a story or a message, or an idea that is longing to be expressed. That feeling is not, I believe, to be ignored. In fact I’d go so far as to say we have an obligation, at least to ourselves if not the world, to find a way to get that writing done. In other words you need need to find or create the time for your writing.

Make time for your writing with these tips:

There are lots of ways to create extra time. No, no magic wand needed. It’s mostly getting honest and deciding what you really want.

Get honest about how you use your time

Getting honest about how you really use your time is likely to reveal what some call ‘time leaks.’ Those are blocks of time where I’m unconscious of how I’m spending my time. And ‘spending’ is the right metaphor. We all have 24 hours a day, no more and no less. Sure, we don’t know how many days will have but we do know how many hours each contains.

Track your time to find your time links. A free tool like Toggl.com makes it a snap to see where you can make different choices about how you use your time. Chances are a weeks worth of tracking time will reveal the availability of some time for your writing.

Make time for your writing number 1

When you make the writing your heart wants to do your top priority, finding time for your writing becomes easier. Sure, you also have to get your work done for your clients, but when you’re determined to get your own writing done, you’ll make time for both.

Schedule your best writing time for your own project

We all have a time during the day when we’re at our peak creativity. Use that time for your own writing – you’ll feel better for it.

Make a date with yourself for your own writing

Treat the time you choose for your own writing as if it’s as important or even more important than anything else on your calendar.

It can be done in 5 minutes a day

Your writing can, if necessary, be done in 5 minutes a day. Yes, even a trilogy can be written 5 minutes at a time. Sure, it’s not our favorite way of writing in most cases, but it works. So does 10 minutes and 30 minutes, etc.

Get accountable

Get accountable about the time you’re committing to your writing. Maybe it’s someone you bookend with daily, or join our forum and become accountable to a group of your fellow writers.

Analyze results

After your first week of scheduling your writing take a look and see. Did you keep to the schedule? Great. Rinse and repeat. If, however, you didn’t stick to it, gently ask yourself why. Over time my reasons for not sticking to the original schedule have run from discovering I didn’t want to write that particular piece after all to just poor planning.

Make appropriate changes

If your scheduling needs changing by all means change it. Experiment until you find a schedule that works for you. Know too that the schedule that works today may not next week or next month. Life brings changes (understatement!) and altering your schedule when you need to only makes sense.

What’s your experience with getting your writing done?

Write well and often,

Anne Wayman freelance writer



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  • Anne,

    Thanks for sharing these tips. I think it’s especially important to save your best writing time for your own projects. The only way you can grow your business is if you’re putting your best work into working for yourself. Thanks for sharing.

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