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Some Tough Talk About Marketing Yourself and Your Writing

marketing yourselfHere is the tough talk about marketing yourself and your writing: If you don’t find a way to successfully sell your writing skills to people who want your writing and will pay you for it, you’re bound to fail.

Let me say it again a different way: you’ll fail in your freelance writing business if you don’t come to terms and do the marketing necessary to get yourself and your writing ability in front of the people who will hire you.

What marketing yourself DOESN’T mean

Marketing doesn’t mean you have to spend a ton of money, now or in the future. Marketing doesn’t mean making a gagillion cold calls in hopes of finding a client, although cold calls can be effective. It doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot, or even very much to get your web presence in place and working for you. Marketing yourself also doesn’t mean you have to spend half or more of your time trying to sell yourself instead of writing.

It also doesn’t mean you have to know how to market before you start! Marketing is a totally learnable skill. It isn’t easy, but one of the tough truths about marketing is it isn’t all that hard either.

Okay, then what does marketing yourself mean?

Simply put, marketing is the way you let the world know you write and can be hired to write. More specifically, it’s the way you let people who are likely to want your writing know they can hire you.

It’s not rocket science. There are a ton of resources here and elsewhere on the web. There are books in the library and, yes, there are courses you can take.

The real secret to marketing yourself and your writing

Yes, learning how to sell yourself as a writer and your writing is learnable and you can do it. That said, there is a secret. It boils down to this:

You must figure out what kind of marketing you will do and do that consistently.

You know, just do it, over and over again. Make sense?

Write and market well,

Anne Wayman, freelance writer



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  • Marketing yourself is in part establishing relationships with other people. As you say that doesn’t necessarily cost money to do.

  • Most times I kind of enjoy marketing, but this week has been rough—a couple rejections in one day stings. But I’m reminding myself it’s all part of the business.

    • Yes, the rejections hurt… most of them aren’t meant at us personally and sometimes remembering that makes the whole thing a bit easier.

  • Sue Chehrenegar

    Ideally, good marketing allows a writer to become a brand. In that way all of the writer’s future works, regardless of their genre or focus can be associated with that same brand.

    • Ideally, sure. Consistent marketing comes first I think. It lays down the foundation for a brand approach.

  • It can be a confusing process when you start out, considering the way we see companies and celebrities market themselves constantly changing our ideas of how to do it. I appreciate your link to resources, that is going to be extremely helpful in the coming weeks as I step up my marketing game.

    • Glad it’s helpful Patrick… keep us posted on your progress and feel free to ask questions.

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