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State of Freelance Writing 2017 Infographic by FreelanceWriting.com

Every year FreelanceWriting.com survey’s freelance writers to find out how we’re doing. Below is their infographic summing up their results. They also publish a white paper that explains how they do the survey. Take a look.

state of freelancing 2017

I’m never sure exactly what to make of surveys like this. An annual income of $10,000 sounds pretty awful until you couple it with the fact that most of those surveyed only work 20 hours a week. Still not great, but better.

The thing to remember is what I make or the survey respondents make has absolutely nothing to do what you make. Poke around and share your favorite faq in comments.

Write well and often,

Anne Wayman, freelance writer

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  • The strangest part of this survey to me was the part about how long those surveyed have been writing. The ranges are so narrow. Wider ranges might offer more interesting comparisons. Maybe something like “1-4 years,” “5-19 years,” 10-15 years” and “more than 15 years” might help show the tangible value experience brings.

    • Good point… they have the link to this post… maybe they’ll read your comment or you could contact them directly (in your copious amount of free time!)

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