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How to Grow Your Own Specialized Freelance Writing Niche

specialized freelance writing nicheLots of freelance writers worry about finding the ‘right’ specialized freelance writing niche. The idea of course, is to find ways to stand out in the competitive freelance writing world. It can work like this:

You spent an internship in a web startup company. Your job was helping them develop a style manual for their writing. Along the way you spent quite a bit of time in their IT department figuring out how  tech things worked. You became fascinated with the notion that Search Engine Optimization would help search engines find articles on specific topics and learned how do include SEO in your writing.

This experience would give you a dynamite and high paying specialized freelance writing niche: the subtleties of SEO.  Since SEO can get quite technical, the chances are as you wrote about it you’d also learn how to translate technical information into readable prose for the rest of us. Voila, another specialized freelance writing niche.

Following your nose to a specialized freelance writing niche

This is exactly how a specialized freelance writing niche can grow. You take an experience where you learned a bunch, write about that and as you write you learn other stuff roughly in the same field.

Another way to to it is to simply decide what you don’t know and do some studying and reading so you can talk about that topic with experts, gradually turning into an expert yourself (hat tip to Paula Hendrickson for this approach.

Grow more than one specialized freelance writing niche

Don’t be surprised if you end up with more than one writing niche. In my case I write a lot about writing – a specialized writing niche for sure. I also write about drug and alcohol recovery, Buddhism, grand-parenting, and more. Each one is important to me and I’ve got some expertise so I can write congruently about them.

At no time did I decide I wanted to write about any of them in order to grow a specialized niche. Instead, I was one way or another involved in every one and after awhile realized I had experience I wanted to share with folks. It was that desire to share and write that led me to realize I was involved in that particular niche.

The takeaway? Don’t worry too much about your own specialized freelance writing niche… you’ll find them quite easy to grow.

Write well and often,

Anne Wayman freelance writer


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  • You’re welcome.

  • I don’t know anything about anything. 🙁 I write fiction!

  • Sue Chehrenegar

    I like the suggestion that you got from Paula Hendrikson. I just want to emphasize the wisdom behind seeking information in an area that is of interest to you. Do not go after information in an area that seems of concern to others, but does not interest you.

    I am becoming familiar with lots of different anniversaries. I once had a blog about a 100 year anniversary celebrated in 2012. At that time I learned about all the other things that took place in 1912.

  • Finding your niche in any type of business is hard, and time consuming. Once you find it though, it’s a very lucrative process from then on.

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