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How Freelance Writers Get and Keep Multiple Writing Clients

Get and Keep Multiple Writing ClientsWe’ve talked about the need for having multiple clients to win at the freelance writing game. Today let’s explore how to get and keep multiple writing clients.

Getting multiple clients

The first way you get and keep multiple writing clients is to remember they will hire you only if they believe you can solve their problem. Couple that with a real attitude of being of service and you’ve got a winning combination.

The next step is to develop consistent marketing of yourself and your writing.  Marketing is, after all, simply letting those who might want to hire you know you’re in business. Yes, I know. You don’t like to market so call it something else! Searching for clients, finding people who can use your writing skills and pay you well. It doesn’t matter what you call it or even what you do as long as you do it regularly – even daily.

If you don’t have Lori Widmer’s ebook, Marketing 365, treat yourself. It’s less than five bucks and it will give you something you can do every day of the year to market yourself. The point isn’t so much to follow her blindly, although that would probably work, but to find ways to present yourself to your potential clients.

Make sure you keep your writing credits up-to-date and be sure and write a cover letter that spells out how you can solve their problem.

Keeping multiple clients

The first thing to know is that you won’t keep all your clients. Or even most of them. I do have two clients I’ve worked with over a decade now, but neither of them provide consistent work. In fact they’ve ended up being nice surprise bonus work that comes in when I least expect it. All the other clients have drifted away, which is the norm.

That said, you obviously want to keep the best of your clients as long as possible. Again, assuming they stay in business which isn’t always the case, as long as you keep solving problems for them with your writing they are likely to keep you on board.

The key really is communication. You need to keep current on what your client needs and how that is changing over time. Clients aren’t always good about telling you, so if they don’t, ask. Every now and again a question about their future plans can reveal a lot, and it will be appreciated by most.

What’s your experience with keeping multiple clients?

Oh, you’re wondering why the cat image? Just because I love it… we treat them the way we should treat our clients maybe????

Write well and often,

Anne Wayman, freelance writer

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  • I often read your blog. This is really so informative and so interesting site. Good job dear.

  • Thanks for the help.
    I have questions regarding the freelancing writing work.

    during writing article for my clients i always stuck on some words and when i am free means that time i am not writing and doing other activity my minds tell me different writing skills about the topic.

    Please let me know the i can use my mind sharply during writing

    • I don’t know for sure, but it sounds like you have more imagination when you’re relaxed. Perhaps if you took several deep breaths and/or walked away from the computer for a few minutes at least some of those ideas would come before you finish writing. Let us know if you try this.

  • Thanks for the plug, Anne!

    The notion of appealing to clients on the basis of being their problem-solver is spot on. To do that, I’ve found that shifting my perspective helps. I’m not begging them for work — I’m suggesting partnering with them to meet their needs.

    When I keep the focus on what the customer needs, I get the work. If you focus on the hire-me-please approach, your desperation isn’t appealing to anyone.

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