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Why You Need Multiple Writing Clients

multiple writing clientsHaving multiple writing clients will save you and your business – I promise.

Reduce the number of clients to just one, and no matter how reliable and how well they paid, your courting disaster.

And I know how tempting it is. That single client who pays your monthly nut and more is so tempting to keep relying on.

After all, you know what you’re doing for them. The work has gotten easier and since they have you on retainer you’re actually making more per hour than you were at the start.

Besides, the idea of doing what it takes to get multiple clients is so easy to postpone.

You already know the problem

When you’re honest  with yourself you already know the problem of having a single client. If they let you go for any reason you and your business are in trouble.

And they will let you go. It’s unlikely you’ll get fired because of anything you do. But their business will fail, or the President’s kid will graduate from J school, or they’ll sell their successful business to another business who won’t want you as a writer, or the CEO’s cousin opens a PR agency and gets the writing contracts, or the CFO will inform the company the simply can’t afford contractors, or they’ll read an article somewhere that tells them that everyone who works for them must work inside as employees. They may even offer you a full-time position that requires you to come to their offices 9-5 every weekday.

In other words something will change with the client and they very normally and not even unkindly will look after their own interests. If those interests don’t include you, you’re gone… maybe with no notice. It’s the nature of freelancing.

Multiple writing clients are your only protection

If you plan to succeed as a writer you’ve got to plan for losing clients as well as gaining them. Multiple writing clients protect you from client loss. Sure, your income will take a dip, but because you’ve got an additional three or four clients, money keeps rolling in. Money rolling in gives you the time to replace the income you lost. It’s just that simple.

How many clients do you need?

The number of multiple writing clients you need to protect yourself depends totally on your situation. I’d say that if more than half of your income is coming from a single client figure out what you’d need to do if they dropped out. Then, if you have just one client, bite the bullet and figure out what you’ll have to do when they go away.

As you look directly at your own writing business you’ll be able to see if you need to add multiple writing clients or not. If you do, block out some time to find them and work them into your schedule. If you feel you don’t have enough time to do this, then it’s probably time to raise your rates. We’ll talk about that soon.

Do you have multiple writing clients? Tell us about your situation in comments.

Write well and often,

Anne Wayman, freelance writer


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  • i write article from someone
    my friend but these day he is
    not any more honest with me
    what should i do

    • Quit writing for him, and if he owes you money, keep after him until he pays.

  • I’d say I have five fairly regular clients, and a couple more that I view as fill-in work. But two of the five main ones, combined, easily account for at least half of my income, so I’m always keeping an eye out for additional clients.

    • Yes, you do I know. And you’ve got a particular niche. Doubt you’re going to run out of clients – maybe ever.

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